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Why do Candide, Pangloss & James travel to Lisbon? What happens on their way there?
they travel to Lisbon because James needed to go there on business and Pangloss was Jame's bookkeeper. Candide just tagged along.
What happens when James risks his life to save a sailor on the ship?
He gets knocked over and ends up dying because the sailor doesn't try to save him. Pangloss talks Candide out of saving him, saying, it was for the best, just like everything else in the world.
Once they arrive in Lisbon, what do Pangloss and Candide discover?
They discover that there is an earthquake and everyone was just going insane. Total mayhem. The sailor goes, get drunk, has sex with a hooker.
How do Pangloss and Candide get in trouble with a Catholic Inquisitor?
Pangloss said that everything was for the best and he disagreed with Christian theories and Candide listened to him "with an air of approval" so they hung Pangloss and whipped Candided.
How does C. become reacquainted with Cunegonde? IN what condition does he find her?
She is fine. She's in a country house -- the house of Don Issachar. She saw Candide being whipped so she had her servant go care for him and bring him to her.
How does Cunegonde survive the attack on her family's manor?
the guy who was raping her gets killed and she is taken as a prisoner of war. Then she gets sold to Don Issachar, who shares her with the Grand Inquisitor, otherwise he'll get burned alive.
Why does Cunegonde begin doubting Pangloss?
Because she sees Pangloss being hung and Candide being whipped
How does Voltaire describe the vulnerability and status of women?
they're just tradeable like nothing. For instance, traded to a Jew, Inquisitor, the Bulgar captain who raped her.
Why does Candide kill Don Issachar and the Inquisitor? What are the consequences?
Because he claims he's in love, and also because Issachar was going to kill him and he didn't want to risk the chance of the Inquisitor burning him or killing him some other way. The consequences are that they have to flee.
Why is Candide given command of some troops at Cadiz?
because he shows his military abilities
Why do Candide, the old woman, and Cunegonde end up sailing to the New World?
because they think that will be the best of all possible worlds, and because Candide was made a captain to go there
Old Woman's story
how she went from royalty to knothing. watched her mother be killed, was made a slave, raped, and half eaten she only has one buttock
how does V. criticize the concepts of honor and duty through the story of cannibalism of the woman?
the soldiers would rather eat people on their own side instead of surrender because it's not honorable to surrender
what comments does the old woman make about the nature of human existence?
she says that every person has cursed their life at least once and thought they were the most miserable human being in the world, but most people still love their lives