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To whom am I writing?
Mrs. Saville
One what type of voyage am I on?
an expedition
Who is Robert Walton?
the man writing the letters
Name my mother
Caroline Beaufort
Name the girl who was my "present"
Elizabeth Lavenza
Who died?
Who did I think killed William?
the monster
Who did the others think killed William?
Justine Morite
Why did Justine appear to be guilty?
she had the jewelry
Whose story is being told in this chapter (11)?
The monsters
Who helped the Turk escape?
Who loved Felix?
To whom did the monster approach?
De Lacey
Why did the cottagers leave their home?
because of the monster
To whom did the monster swear eteranl revenge?
on Frankenstein
What did the monster tell Frankenstein to create?
creature of the other gender
According to the monster, why was he malicious?
becuase he was miserable
If Frankenstein came through with his part of the bargain, where would the monster go?
where no huuman was, out of Europe
My father wanted me to marry _____.
Why did I not follow through on my agreement with the monster?
I was afrain of off-spring
The monster promised to see me when?
on my wedding night
Who was killed?
Henry Clerval
Who did the villagers think killed henry?
Why did my betrothed think I was delaying our marriage?
that I loved someone else
Who was killed in the beginning of the chapter?
Who killed Elizabeth?
The monster
Who was blind?
old man
How did the monster learn to talk?
by listening to the family
What was thename of the sister?
Name the person who came to visit the cottagers
The arebian
Where did I go to study?
Name 2 professors whom I met
M. Krempe and M. Waldman
What amazing disover did I make
the cause of generation and life
Name my friend who came to visit me
Henry cleval