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What did balban's court resemble?
A persian court
Which two practices did Balban
introduce in his court?

What were Sijdah and Paibos?
Sijdah and Paibos were two practices that Balban had introduced in his court

The nobles had to bend down before the sultan and kiss his feet
What were the nobles reaction to these practices?
These were un-islamic practices and were not readily accepted by the nobles.
What were the three problems Balban faced after he bacame the sultan?
The turkish nobles were trying to overthrow him.

The Rajput chiefs tried to rebel.

Continous Mongol raids.
How did Balban tackle the problems of hindu/Rajput and other chiefs and rajas?
Balban subdued the Hindu and Rajputs chiefs of the Ganga-Jamuna Doab and Awadh.

He cleared the jungle around Delhi to settle colonies of Afgan soldiers to check any disturbance from the Mewatis
How did Balban tackle the problems of the Mongols?
Repaired many frontier forts and garrisoned them with soldiers.

didn't allow the Mongols to cross the river Beas

He himself didn't leave Delhi on distant expeditions