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means King is ligitmate, Moses-like birth story, Urzababa's cupbearer, seized the throne, defeated all rivals, controled 2/3 of Mesopotamia, wind influence
LAGASH's ENSI during the Guti anarchy, extended Lagash's sphere of influence, increased agricultural wealth, imported luxury items to build eninnu complex example of PIOUS and ENSI
Consolidated Neosumerian Empire, ruled with wide influences, established uniform system of weights and measures, lunar calendar, cultural Renaissance, reconstruction program, studied Cuneiform, music and engineering, example of LUGAL
settelers from Arabian desert, seized power, empire declined and fell,
6th kind of the 1st dynasty of Babylon, restructured military and politic, consolidated Mesopotamia into an Empire, Pre-Roman law code, reformed the calendar, massive building program
Old Babyloian Period Innovations of Hammurapi's Era
1) Widespread deeded private property
2) Extensive Bureancracy & army Finances by ilkum
3) Began a national religon via Enuma Elish
4) Maintained a rigdid social stratification.
Established Assyrian Dominance. used terrorism as statecraft,bult Kalkhu to set up a name,
Ashshur nasir aply = Assur is heir's guardian
most brilliane, name PUL, cited biblically for levant activities, adminstration, road system, pony express
last great Neo-Assyrian Monarch, Built Nineveh's library, kept great records, built Prodigiously to set up a name.
King of Babyloian, bictorious in Media, Levant & Egypt, Crushed Judean Revolt & Exiled 3000 Jews, Built the hanging Gardens, Art patron.
ambassador serving the babylonians, crowned to avoid usurpers war, campaigned in Arabia to secure trade toutes, rumored mad, betrayed and exiled, last king of Mesopotamian
Persian King, Defeated Assyrian, decreed the Jews could resettled Judah, Set borders at Egype, Indus, Jaxartes & Aegean, called the Great.
Founder of the Achaemenid Empire, Crushed all oponents, reformed the legal system & laws, used native Satraps (governors) built roads and canals, commissioned Behistum incription, conducted war against Greese.
AN ( anum)
Personifed Heaven, Chief of the Pantheon, Zoomorph was the bull of heaven, inventory & bestower of kingship amoun men, regal power & divine splendor, source of authorty, Husband to Antum
ENLIL ( Ellil)
Lord WInd, Atmosphere, leader of the Gods, pronouncer of the fates, nourishing spring rains, embodiment of military command powers, caused the great flood, Consort was Ninlil
ENKI ( Ea)
Lord Earth & earth's surface, sweet water God, personified intelligence ( lord bright eyes) libation and purification god, kindly despsed to those in distress, savior of humanity in flood myth, ruled in erech w/consort Ninki
INANNA (Ishtar)
Lady Date cluster, lifegiving dates, goddness of eemale fertility (plantlife)
war & love goddness, preserver of foodstuff in emple, patroness of URUK w/father AN, wedded to Dumazi ( very fickled and troublesome)
quickner of youth, male fertility, (Tammuz) lifegiving power in milk
(Damu) Fertilizing bud in the date palm
(Ululu) protective god of herdsmen
(Ababa) god of seasonal changes(dying & Resurrecting god)
(Amaushumgalanna) badtiberra patron & inanna's husband
UTU (Shamash)
sun & light god, justice 7 law dispenser, Settler of disputes, Sippar ruler & Ebarbar Resident, Bison Zoomorph, w/saw symbol
ANNA (sin)
moon & time god
Claendar god & keeper of the tides, Great progenitor of leser gods, symbolized by quarter moon, patron god of UR & Harran
National God of Babylonia, (Marduk) city god of Babylon, Enuma Elish Hero & New King of the gods, thunder & storm God, createdt eh world from Tiamat's body
god of Assyrian national interests, national god of Assyria, granted rulership to his warror kings, reported to annually on campaings, patron of assur & resident of esharral
Principal god of Persia, god of goodness, embodiment of holy purity, stimulus of all god, source of perfect health, granted of kingship, worshipped upon high places
Themes of Religion Thorkid Jacobsen's in the histoyr of Mesopotamian Society
c4000-c3000 BC/fear of famine/Numinous or zoomorphs
c3000-2000 BC/fear of war/Anthropomorphic rulers
c2000-1000BC/fear of sin/parental guardians
c1000-550BC/confusion/renagade gods.
Mesopotamian Temple Lands
Gana-ni-en-na=lord's fields,(sacrifices)
Gana-ku-ra=food land(temle staff's support)
Gana-apin-la=plough land(tenant farming poor)
E(bitu)=Temple ( a workplace for a god)
Ziggurat=a stage tower( a residence fo a god)
Temenous=Sacred platform(religious district)