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What was Akbar's full name?
Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar
When was Akbar born and where?
14 November 1542 in Amarkot
What was Akbar's father's name?
What was Akbar's mother's name?
Hamida Banu Begum
At what age was Akbar Crowned?
14 years
What was the name of Akbar's regent/guardian, when he was crowned?
Bairam Khan
When was the Second Battle of Panipat fought?
AD 1556
Which famous battle was fought in AD 1556 by Akbar?
The second Battle of Panipat
Between whom was the second battle of Panipat fought?
Hemu, the general of the Afghan leader Adil Shah and Akbar. Akbar's army was lead by his regent Bairam Khan.
Who was Hemu?
The general of the Afghan leader Adil Shah.
What was the name of Hemu's elephant?
Who was Ramyya?
Nephew of Hemu, general of the Afghan leader Adil Shah
What was the name of Hemu's nephew?
Who assisted Hemu in the second battle of Panipat?
His nephew Ramyya and Shadi Khan.
Who was the king of Malwa who was defeated by Akbar?
Baz Bahadur
State event that took place in 1562.
Akbar annexed Malwa after defeating the king Baz Bahadur
State the event that took place in 1564.
Akbar annexed Gondwana after defeating Queen Durgavati who ruled on behalf of her minor son.
Which was the first Rajpur empire to be captured?
Which were the first two Rajput kingdoms to be captured by Akbar?
Chittor and Ranthambor.
Who was Rana Uday Singh?
The Rana of Mewar whom Akbar defeated and captured Chittor.
Which Rajput king refused to submit to Akbar?
Maharana Pratap of Chittor .
State the important event that took place in 1576.
Battle of Haldighati
When dis the battle of Haldighati take place?
AD 1576
Who fought the Battle of Haldighati?
Akbar and Maharana Pratap
How was conquering Gujarat, Bengal and Bihar beneficial for Akbar?
These states had numerous seaports which had brisk foreign trade. This contributed rich revenue to the treasury.
Name the hindu wife of Akbar.
Jodha Bai
Who was Jodha Bai?
The Hindu wife of Akbar.
Name the city conquered by Akbar after the second battle of Panipat
When did Akbar conquer Gujarat?
AD 1572
When did Akbar send an expedition against Ahmednagar?
AD 1596
Who was the ruler of Ahmednagar when Akbar sent an expedition there?
AD 1596
Akbar sent an expedition against Ahmednagar which was defended by Chand Bibi
AD 1601
Akbar annexed Khandesh
When did Akbar annex Khandesh
AD 1601
Where did Akbar's empire stretch?
Himalayas in the North to Godavari in the south, Hindukush mountains in the west to Brahmaputra river in the east.
Name 2 hindu wives of Akbar
Jodha Bai and Harkha Bai.
Mention 3 ways in which Akbar won over the Rajputs.
1. Matrimonial Alliance
2. Rajputs honoured and given high ranks in his court.
3. He allowed them to rule over their kingdoms