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Teddy Roosevelts policy to unite mine workers
Square Deal
Kept big business from forming monopolies, such as the railroads
Anti-trust activitism
Federal reform that tried to make sure food was healthier.
Protecting public health
Supported laws to benefit women and children.
New Labor Department
Protecting the nation's natural resources.
U.S. Forest Services..protecting the enviroment.
Gave congress the power to increate income taxes.
16th Amendment
Provided for the direct election of senators.
17th amendment
prohibited the manufacturing or sale of alcohol.
18th amendment
citizens elect nominees for the election
direct primary
putting a new law directly on the ballot
citizens voting directly on a bill.
removing public officials from office.
What are 2 things that brought about municipal reform?
1. Horrible working conditions like at the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.
2. political bosses with too much power.
Progressive govenor of Wisconsin that called on academic experts.
Robert LaFollette
The expanded role of goverment was to create more__________ .
social welfare programs