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Most important German tribe in Europe after the fall of Rome were the ______
The Hundred Years War was fought between ________
England & France
In the late 800s ______ led the Saxon army to victory over the Vikings.
Alfred the Great
German trading cities formed the _____ during the 13 to 1400s.
Hanseatic League
The _________ were drawn up by St. Benedict for monks.
Benedictine rules
All but the ______ crusade were failures.
Italian city states formed the _______ & defeated ______ in 1176.
Lombard League
Frederick Barborosa
_______signed the magna carta in 1215.
King John
________ killed King Harold.

William the Conqueror

during the Battle of Hastings
The ______&_____ fought for the English throne.

In what war?
Yorks & the Lancasters

War of the Roses
Who defeated the yorks in 1485?
Henry Tudor
The _____ developed a system of money during the Commercial Revolution.
________ is a political system based on the holding of land.
_____________, a Hapsburg, ruled as King of Spain & Holy Roman Emperor
Charles V
The _______ defeated the Mongals.
Ming Dynasty