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The earliest signs of human life were _____________ found in __________________.

The world's first tools may have been made of _______________ pounded to make a knife-like sharpness.
They were used to __________________ and ___________________________
cut wood

cut into animal hide
Useful tools mark the beginning of _____________________ in culture
The end of the Old Stone Age was ________________ years ago.
Remains of __________________________ found with ________________________ suggest that early people ____________________________
ancient animal bones

stone tools

hunted for survival
Fire changed their lives by letting them __________ and ________________________

move into colder climates
The finding of a baby buried with a seashell bead suggests the child
a) _______________ and people belived
b) ______________; the bead shows
c) ______________________________
a) was deeply cared for
b) in an after life
c) beginning of religious beliefs
Art from ancient times becomes especially important when ______________________
Archeologist are studying the past
The _________________ began about 12,000 years ago adn lasted for about _______________ years.
New Stone Age

The ancient city of Catal Hayuk was located in the modern country of ____________
The houses were made of __________________ and _________________
brick and plaster
One out of every three buildings in the city was probably __________________
a temple
____________________ played a big role in daily life.
Agriculture created a surplus that ____________ ________________ never had.
all people
People who worked as farmers were ble to __________________
produce surplus
Nonfarmers were free to __________ in other important skills.
The farmers could ___________ their surplus ______________ and ____________ with workers who made other products.
What continent is Tanzania on?
In the last panel on page 4_ what important human activity are people shown performing?
An early culture begins farming.
How maight that activity (farming) have encouraged living in villages?
Peopole could now get more food without having to hunt every few days.
Define technology
The use of skill and tools to meet practical human needs
Where is the Great Rifrt Valley located?
In Tanzania which is in Africa
What was found in the Great Rift Valley in Addition to tools?
human remains
How did technology like stone tools that could cut, chop, and be sued as spearheads for hunting give one long period of time for its name?
the stone tools were the only kind at that time adn they were very old
What was the name given to that long period of time?
The Old Stone Age
How did the development of the technology of fire-building affect life at that time?
People could now go to dcolder climates and live
What did the people of border cave use for shelter?
missed this question on sheet...look up correct answer
How did the border cave people make thier homes comfortable?
By using grass on the dirt floor as bedding and fire to stay warm
What advantages did its location give the border cave people?
a. advantage of watching animals movement
b. there were many plants for use
c. they could use the seeds to soote ____
What technologies other than stone knives and spearheads did they develop?
a. fire
b. starter
How long did the new stone age last?
6000 years
What happened to change the Earth at about the time the New Stone Age began?
Look this up...missed on sheet
In what MODERN day country was the ancient city of Catal Huyuk uncovered?
How large a population did Catal Huyuk have?
large population of 5000 people
What does it mean to domesticate something?
to train something to be useful to people
Why was it important to domesticate both crops and animals?
so that animals can make useful material for plants to produce more food
Where did the artisans or craftworkers do their work?
most of it in the courtyards
What activity took place outside the group of houses?
herding animals
How did roof entrances help people to protect themselves
made it hard for enemies to enter
How did people in Catal Huyuk get from house to house?
by going across people's roofs
what telsl you that these people held religious beliefs
look this up...missed question on sheet
What is a surplus and how is it created?
an extra supply of something. It is created whe a lot of crops are harvested and when animals reproduce a lot
How did the fact that farmers at Catal Huyuk could produce surplus food lead to specialization?
missed...look this question up
What technologies did the people of Catal Huyuk develop
missed...look this up
What is obsidian and for what was it used?
glassy black rock used for making beautiful mirrors and sharp knives
Why do people trade?
so they can gain stuff they need for stuff other people need
By the New Stone Age, on which continents had cattle been domesticated?
Europe, Asia, adn Africa
What evidence can you find that grains were major crops of the world?
missed this questions...look up
Were tomatoes and eastern or western hemisphere crop?
In the US tomatoes are grown in N. America so it is in the Western Hemisphere
Were horses an eastern or western hemisphere animal?
Raised in Europe so it is an Eastern Hemisphere animal