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seperation of powers
constitution prevents one person or group from controlling the government by seperating the power among three branches: legislative, executive and judicial
What are the 6 goals of the constitution?
1.Form a More Perfect Union
2.Establish Justice
3.Ensure Domestic Tranquility
4.Provide for the Common Defense
5.Promote the General Welfare
6.Secure the Blessings of Liberty
Explain Secure the Blessings of Liberty.
limit government power, so there is no "king"
Ex.10 Commandments
constitution-the right to vote
select leaders who make laws
remove bad leaders
now adays liberty includes all americans no matter what sex, race, or religeon
Explain Form A More Perfect Union.
It provides the national government with the powers it needs to unify and strengthen the nation
Explain Promote General Welfare. Give at least two examples
national government hase the power to collect taxes, and set aside that money for programs that will benefit the people
Ex. Safety standards at a work place
Ex. Education helps to prepare people to become responsible money making citizens
Ex. scientific research and development improves quality of life.
Ex. Scientific research also helps medicaly
Explain Establish Justice.
without it, state or local courts would interpert national laws. Judges in some states might refuse to act on laws they didn't like.
What are the five basic principles?
1. Popular Sovereignty
2. Seperation of Powers
3. Checks and Balance
4. Limited Government
5. Federalism
Explain Domestic Tranquility.
police enforce national laws
national police step in when it crosses into different states
EX. national guard
limited goverment
guarentees that government doesn't hold all the power and that it does only what they allow it to.
define justice
justice is fairness
list two ways that the national goverment helps workers
factory owners required to meet safety standards
workers who are injured or unemployed recieve financial ade
What is Popular Sovereignty?
means that people are the most important source of government
domestic tranquility
peace at home
reflects the founder's desire to balance liberty and order.
Federalism spreads and splits the powers between national and state governments.
general welfare
well being of all the people
list two powers of the national government that help form a more perfect union
raise tax and
regulate trade between states
Define Liberty.
Liberty is the freedom to live as you please, as long as you obey the laws and respect the freedom of others.
Checks and balances
allow each branch some authority over the action of others. no one group would be likely to take over the whole government
Explain Provide For the Common Defense.
military power helps to not only prevent attack, but also to protect economic and political intrests