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How did the Civil war affect the North?
Steel, petroleum, food processing, and manufactoring grew rapidly which were new industries. Industry began to replace farming. The idea of National Unity for the North.
After the 54th Msssachusets Regiment fought bravley at Fort Wagner,...
Because of Fort Wagner and the 54th regiment's heroic reputation, more African-Americans joined the Union Army.
Southern slaves aided the Northern war effort by...
Southern slaves hurt Southern economy by resisting to work or slowing their work down. (They quietly resisted) Some slaves led rebellions and others joined the Union Army.
What is meant by the statement that William Tecumseh Sherman waged total war?
Sherman waged war against the enemy troops AND anything that supported them on his march to the sea
Appotamttox Court House is important because it was...
Lee surrendered to Grant.
What was true of the 54th Massachusets Regiment?
The 54th Massachusets regiment was one of the first African-American regiments oranized in the North. They led an attack on Fort Wagner in South Carolina.
Why did Lincoln's Emanicipation Proclamation
free slaves only in the South?
In the North slaves weren't allowed and in the border states, Lincoln didn't want to upset them and have them secede to the confederacy, so he allowed slaves in the border states for a while. It was a military action, which the COnstitution allowed.
what made army life difficult?
Army camps were often unsanitary, they didn't have good shelter, usually the soliders' hygiene was bad, and the food supply sometimes ran low.
How did the south's econemy put it at a dissadvantage in the Civil War?
Because the South's economy was mainly farming, when battles struck in the South many farmlands were destroyed so they couldn't make money from their crops and they ran short on supplies for themselves.
Why did Southerners refer to their cotton crop as King Cotton?
Cotton was called King Cotton because it was important to the world market and the South grew most of cotton for Europe's mills.
What was the border states in the Civil War?
Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri were slave states that bordered states in which slavery was illegal.
What advantage did the North have over the South in the Civil War?
the Union ahd a huge advantage in manpower and resources.
What advance in tecnology made the Civil War much deadlier than Earlier American wars.
The Minie(w/ and accent over the e) Ball contributed to casualties. The rifle gave the bullet more accuracy and speed. Ironclads were a vast improvement over wooden ships.
How did Southrn leaders justify sucession?
Southern leaders said that they came into the union by choice so they could leave the union by choice.
How did the Supreme COurt apply the Bill of Rights to the slavery issue.
The supreme court said that the bill of rights did not apply to slaves because they were considered property.
What principle did Civil Disobedience share with Nullification?
Civil Disobedience-peacefully refusing to accept laws one considers unjust.
Nullification-to reject a law one considers unconstitutional. They both refuse to accept and follow laws that they fee are not right.
What are examples of a push factors for imigration?
Population growth, agricultural changes, crop failures, industrial revolution, religous and political turmoil.
How are persons with mental illness treated before the reform efforts of Dorthea Dicks?
They were chained and beaten. They recieved no treatment.
Why did some Americans oppose imigration?
Some Americans felt that imigrants were too foreign to learn American ways. others felt that imigrants would outnumber natives
What were the main points of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
The Nebraska territory was divided into Nebraska and Kansas. People voted to see if these two new states would become a slave state or not.
What caused Knasa territory to be called "Bleeding Kansas"?
.A civil war broke out in Kansas that lasted tree years between proslavery and antislavery people.