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Popular Solventry
Designed by Lewis cass, he wanted the people of the new terrotories to decide weither or not they wanted to be a pro or anti slave terrotory.
Free Soil
congressional ban on slavery in all new terrories, laws to end admission of new slave states, congress to withdraw slavery from states
Compermise of 1850
California would come in a free state. Utah and New Mexico would decide slavery by popular soulventry,abolishment of slave trade in DC. A futitive slave law was enacted. Texas agreed to give up part of terrotory
Extreme Anti-Slave group. Very Radical wanted to free slaves and make them equil.
Middle of road
Anti Slave group that wanted to free slaves but would side both with the leftest and miltant groups
Anti Slave group that wanted to free slaves through the correct legal channels.
Nebraska Act
Wanted to go to war with Cuba, this pursades congress to give Nebraska to the south, It divides into 2 terroties. Popular Soulventry to decide, Mousori compermise no longer active.
Bleading Kandas
War within the state, people fought over slave rights, pro slave group goes to capital and burns it down, anti slave group retaliates. in congress Pro slave Sumner a pro slave gets beat by a cane from anti slave Brooks.
John Brown
Militant that fought for anti slavery rights, beleved in purification, would kill off whole families that were slave owners including infants and women, beleved that God spoke to him.
party that was made up of disgruntlaed democrats, the rest of the whig party and other third party members. Known as the All american party. Very popluar by the year 1856 the speaker of the house was a republican
Dread Scott
Dread Scott was a slave to a doctor who was released after the docotrs death, the docotor moved from slave state to free state keeping dread scott as a slave after death bill was sent to congress to free slaves once they moved to a free state, congress fed up said they were not going to hear it slaves were property not people, basiclay said that slavery was leagal
John browns raid
John Brown decided that God was angry about the Dred Scott incident so he gathered some men both white and black and marched to harpes ferry South Caroline and takes over weapons plant, the people of the town pin him in and send telegram to DC they send Col Robert E Lee to get the situation under control, he and his men, storm the plant kill everyone but 3, John Brown is healed and then hung.
Wilmot Proviso
In no terms would slavery be permitted in any terrotory goined durring Mexican war. Goes through congress three times and each time it's vetoed
Calhoun Doctrine
any land taken or won durring war belonged to all americans, congress had no right to say a man could not bring his property there- John C Calhoun
Wick Admendment
All Terrotory below the 36-30 would be slave terrotory