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Tried to drive out 2 witches in 1444
Pope Innocent VIII
What was Malleus Maleficarum
a way to prove that a person was a witch
Hernan Cortez
conquered Aztecs in early 1500s because the Aztec ruler believed that Cortez was the sun god.
de Coucy
was a hostage in France so that King John II would be released. Also was a leader on French side in Hundred Years' War although he was married to English nobility
the impact that looking for America had on Europe (4)
loss of life and destruction of culture, 2% inflation rate, industrial expansion due to increased funds for research, people became richer
Center of culture in Europe
Why did pope leave Rome and go to the French city Avenion in 1300's for 400 years
growing season got shorter so there was a shortage of food
Pope Boniface VIII
November 18, 1302- issued the Unam Sanctum which stated that in order for salvation a person must be subject to Roman Pontif
Phillip the IV
wanted to tax churchly incomes and seized Pope Boniface the VIII
Clement V
was the French pope that stayed in Avignon rather than Rome because of food shortage
Phillip the Fourth
took Jews money and expelled them from France
Jacque de Molay
last grandmaster who led group of templars that were believed to be witches. He was dragged through the street and cursed King Phillip to die 1 yr later. King Phillip did die 1 yr later.
Protestant Reformation
response to cries in leadership that the church suffered from in late Middle Ages.
100 Years War
War between England and France that lasted 116 years. It was over a fight for a throne/a crime. Introduced new weapons and tactics, and encouraged French and English nationality
First battle of 100 yrs war that initiates hostilities. The French defenders of the island were thrown into disorder by the first use of the English longbow on Continental soil
Battle of Cadsand
Battle of Crecy
important battle in 100 years war which ended chivalry in war. English were heavily outnumbered by French. English used longbow and forgot about certain military traditions.
St John Chrysostum
early on called Jews Christ killers and caused church to require trials for Jews
1353 what did ottoman turks do
seized Gallipoli, Europe now threated by Islams
edgeron de cous
grants charters to 28 of his towns for rent
John Wycliffe
wanted Bible and mass to be in English, complained that clerics were immune to civil justice
Papal Schism
a split over the church on who whill be pope
first pope to to decide that he wants to stay in Rome
Pignano Uirbane VI
name of pope that takes the name clement VIII
Robert of Geneva
believed that people should imitate the life of Christ
Tomas a Kempis
what happened in 1388-1390
black death comes to Europe and reduces 50% of population
captured Nicopolis which requests aid from the west, never got the help
priest of abbot of a monastery, came up with that the earth revolves around sun
taught earth was center of universe
taught that the sun was center of universe
danish astronomer that documented his observations that proved coperinicus was correct