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In 1779, Americans received help from who??
The French and Spanish (France and Spain)
General Horatio Gates led the Continental Army when?
In the Battles of Saratoga(New York)
Benedict Arnold led an attack where?
Near Freeman's Farm against Burgoyne and his Hessian mercenaries
The victory at Saratoga caused what?
Benedict Arnold to become a traitor and other European Nations to think that the Americans had a chance to win the war.
The victories of Bernando de Galvez prevented British from attacking the US from
the southwest
The Marquis De Lafayette was n-named ....
The Soldier's Friend
The German officer who trained General Washington's army was........
The Baron von Steuben
What was rememebered for its cold winters?
Valley Forge
George Rogers Clark captured what?
Fort Sackville
A privately owned ship that has permission to attack an enemy merchant vessel is......
a privateer
The American officer who declared "I have not yet begun to fight!"
isss...... John Paul Jones: commander of the Bonhomme Richard and led the army that defeated the British Serapis :: the most important victory...
A Jeweish Immigrant from Poland who spied on the British in NY in1776
Haym Salomon
the first commander of the continental army and led the men to victory at TRENTon and Princeton
george washington
Molly Pitcher was.... because she carried pitchers of water to tired soldiers during a battle
Mary Hays
The British General who arrived in NY in 1776 of july and later defeated the americans @ the battle of brandywine in philsadelphia
general william howe
the political writer who wrote the american crisis
thomas paine
known by the n-name gentleman johnny and captured fort ticonderoga
general john burgoyne
the mohawk chief who tried to convince the iroquis to support the british
joseph brant: sister molly
the american general who tricked the british at fort stanwix and later betrayed the americans
benedict arnold
in command of the continental army at Saratoga
general horatio gates
the polish engineer who helped design fortificationa to protect the american soldiers at Bemis Heights
Tadeusz Kosciuszko
how did george wahington help the patriots in the american revolution?
he commanded the continental army and also organized it
give an example of a strategy
Britain's plan to cut off New England form the rest of the states
what was the americans support for the american revolution
40-45% were patriots, 20-30% were loyalist, and the rest neutral. MOST AMERICANS DIDNT SUPPORT THE WAR
an example of a rendevouz during the AR(american rev.)
s meeting of three british armies at albany, NY
the turnin gpoint of the war........
battles of saratoga(americans WON!!!!!!)
the main ally of the US was
a teenage french nobleman who cam to america to fight fot the patriot cause
marquis de lafayette
who was james forten?
an african american sailor who was captured by the british and later became famous for his efforts to end slavery
john paul jones was an american naval commander who became famous for....
his hard-fought victory over a more heavily armed british warship
one reason ha for becoming a privateer was
that the profit that could be made from capturing enemy merchant ships and selling their cargos
guirellas were NOT
proffessional soldiers hired from the spanish colonies
the british army whose surrender signaled great britains defeat in the american rev. was led by
lord cornwallis
the fighting that marked britains defeat in the ar was named
the battle of yorktown
the treaty of paris
1983, boundary western of the mississippi river of the us, allowed fishing near nova scotia etc, britain return africans, government/congress return loyalist land
lord cornwallis surrended ________ troops that were trapped near ___________--
8000, yorktown
marquis de lafayette bcame a hero in bothe the __ and ______
US, france
george washington was the _____________ of the continental army but never had more than 17000 _____ under him
commander, troops
John Paul Jones won the most famous ___ _______ of the revolutionary war.
sea battle
mong many _______ americans who fought for independence was james _______
african, forten
a country that aids another country
a soldier fighting for a foreign country
a ship permitted to attack enemy ships
a person opposed to war
a meeting at a fixed place
a knife attatched to a gun
an ovferall plan of action
the idea that people should rule
to leave military duty without planning to reeturn
a fighter who used hit and run attacks
battle of camden?
in august of 1780: british won
battle of kings mountains
October 1780: americans won
battle of yorktown
october 1781: americans won
capture of savannah
december 1778: british
battle of trenton
december 25, 1776: americans won vs. burgoyne hessians army