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Explain the English Reformation.
King Henry the VII broke away from the catholic church because the pope would not grant him a divorce. He named himself head of the christain faith and formed the church of england. Many people wanted to reform/purify the church (puritains) so they left to the new world to escape prosecution.
Explain the Protestant Reformation.
Martin Luther (german) challenged practices and beliefs of catholic church and he was excommunicated. John Calvin did the same and he introduced the Doctrin of Predestination.
What is the doctrine of predestination?
The belief that each person's destiny is already determined before birth and no one change change it.
Explain the Columbian Exchange.
Natives in Columbia were exposed to illnesses such as influenza, measles, smallpox, etc. by the europeans. Euros believed it was god's will that they colonize these areas because the natives were dying off from their dieases and this was their justification to do so. This also introduced intermarriage, various crops/animals to both groups.
What is "deliberate subjigation and extermination?"
conquistadors deliberatly killing off native population.
What was America named after?
Amerigo Vespucci- an Italian that traveled t the new world and discovered that it was in fact not India and it was uncharted terroritory.
Explain the purpose of Colonialism.
people wanted to pursue oppurtunities beyond their socities, they wanted to expand their source of wealth, trading, and social advancements. They wanted to acquire land and expand the English domain, trade, religous freedom.
How did Indians become labeled Indians?
Christopher Columbus traveled to the new world and mistakenly thought it was infact India.
What are the New England colonies?
Massachusetts, Connecticutt, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.
What are the Middle colonies?
New York, New Jersey, Pennslyvania, and Delware.
What are the Chesapeake colonies?
Maryland and Virgina.
What are the Southern colonies?
North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
How did the Colonies make money?
Maryland/Virgina- Tobacco
New York/New Jersey/Penn/Delware- Wheat
Massachu/Connect/Rhode/New Hampshire- Yankee traders
North Carol/South Carol/Georgia- Rice
How did African Americans in the U.S. get their last names?
They acquired the last names of their masters.
What was the first failed colony?
Roanoke. It failed in 1586.
What was the first successful colony?
Jamestown, Virgina in 1607.
What were colonies set up as?
Business enterprises.
What colony is the barrier colony?
Georgia. A barrier against florida which was occupied by the spainish.
Which colonies were the puritain colonies?
Plymouth Rock -Separatist puritains.
Massachusetts Bay Colony- Congregationalist Puritains.
What colony was a Quaker colony?
Pennslyvaina. The socitey of Friends
What colonies were the restoration colonies?
New york
New jersey
What colony was establised by the Calvery family?
What was the purpose of the French and Indian War?
1754-1763. It was a struggle between france and great britain for the ohio valley. virgina was given a charter from king to claim that terroritory. French lost from lack of provisions so they surrendered.
Why did england tax and puts various acts unpon the colonies.
England was in debt after the war and they resented the colonists for their lack of finacial support in the war which had also benefitted them.
What was the Proclaimation of 1763?
Colonists were forbidden to expand beyond the mountains of the upper ohio valley. the colonists did this anyway.
What was the sugar act of 1764?
it raised taxes on sugar but lowerd taxes on molasses which came from new england.
What was the currency act og 1764?
colonial government had to stop issuing paper money.
What was the stamp act of 1765?
tax imposed on every printed document. british officals collected 10 times as much annuak revenue.
What was the Stamp act congress of 1765?
Delegates from 9 colonies formed a petiton to the british government that colonies should be taxed by their own government "no taxation without representation", they said if parliament wanted to tax them ---they needed their own representaion in parliament. the act was then repealed.
What is the declaratory act of 1766?
delcared parliamentary control over colonies.
What was the mutiny/ quatering act of 1765?
colonists were forced to provide shelter and help take care of british troops.
What was the cause of the American Revolution?
the boston massacre, the boston tea party, but the offical beginning was the battle of lexington and concord.
Who was Cripus Attucks?
He was an ex-slave that struck an british soldier during the boston massacre which led to his and other colonists deaths but british troops.
What was the boston massacre?
britain had placed 4 regiments in boston because boston was causing havoc in britain. on march 1770 a brawl began between the colonist and troops. crispus attucks struck a soldier and the soldiers killed him and other colonist.
What was the boston tea party?
Britain's east india company was going bankrupt because it's tea did not sell in england. so england gave the company premisson to sell in americas. this undersold the american merchants and england was able to monopolize the colonial tea trade. on dec. 1773 boston residents boarded 3 ships and threw the tea in the boston harbor. colonist in other seaports did the same. Parliament then inroduced the "Intolerable acts" and colsed the boston port until the trade company was compensated.
What was lexington and Concord?
minutemen prepared to fight the british. on april 8, 1775 british troops were sent to lexington to seize the gunpowder from the colonists. at the end of the day 8 minutemen had killed large numbers of teh british troops. THIS WAS TEH BEGINNING OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.
What was the 1st continental congress?
1774 delegates from all colonies (except georgia) met in philliadelphia and called for colonist to boycott british goods until the intolerable acts were repealed. they also approved preparations for a defensive war against british troops.
What were the pros and cons of the british?
the british had teh greatest navy and army in the world and had resources from the entire english empire. the british recruited native, slaves, and mercenaries. the natives were promised no more expansion into their terroritories and the slaves were promised freedom.
What were the pros and cons of the americans?
The colonists were fighting on their on land (home team advantage) and tehy were more comitted to winning with the goal of independence in mind. The continental army was headed by general george washington.
Explain the patriots v. the loyalists.
They both were american colonists.
Patriots- rebels fighting for independence
Loyalists- colonists loyal to england and fought with the british troops.
Explain the 3 phases of the war.
1. England did not take the war seriously.
2. 32,000 british soldiers arrvied in new york under the command of gen. Howe. Ordered america to surrender and they refused. Gen washington fought with 19,000 troops. Howe and burgoyne were suppose to attack new york from different sides. howe detoured from orginal plan and took phillidelphia leaving burgoyne alon and he was made to surrender by patriot forces.
3. washington broke wartime rule and attacked in the winter (otherwise he would have to train new troops) and the british surrendered.
Explain Common Sense.
It was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in Jan. 1776 it said "it was simple common sense for americans to break completly with a political system that could inflict such brutality on it's own people" it helped support for american independence.
What was the declaration of independence?
document written mainly by thomas jefferson, john adams, and benjamin franklin. was three parts
1. deals with natural rights and the justification of the american revolution
2. lists specific greviances and injustices placed upon the colonists by king george III
3. declared to the world that the 13 colonies were independent from england.
Name the 13 colonies.
-new hampshire
-rhode island
-new york
-new jersey
-North Carolina
-south carolina