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who was a viceroy?
representative of king and queen; he was a great nobleman and given all the honours of royalty
what was the western design
a scheme for forcing spain to recognise britain's right to own colonies in the greater antilles (western region) and to trade with spanish settlers here
a group of people who supervised tasks such as road building and appointed constables to keep law and order
who was a governor
a person who acted as a representative of the king(imperial government)
who was the council
group of people(leading merchants and planters) who had the duty of advising the governor and supporting him in enforcing regulations that came from the imperial government in england
what was the imperial government
higher body(king and queen) who was apart of the government in england(the crown)
controlled local taxes to raise money for governing the colony
wealthier colonists;majority of them were apart of the assembly.They had a say in the assemblies' decisions
english colonies were divided into these. They were run by committees or vestries.Parishes are divisions of a colony based on the english system of the time when the whole kingdom was divided into parishes that were run by committees or vestries
wealthiest planters who were responsible for law and order in their district. They were apart of vestries
leading figure int he parish government.'Custos' was a title that came from the old English official,the custos rotolorum or keeper of the records
when was the second navigation act passed and what was it about?
1651- this ordered that no produce from a colony could be carried to englandor another english colony except in english owned ships. At least three quarters of the crew had to be english
who was the most famous bucaneer
henry morgan