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What is a Primary Source?
An objest, picture or a piece of writing made at the time you are studying - it has been made by somebody alive at that time
What is a Secondry Source?
- was not made at the time you are studying
- was made later (probably by a historian)
- He/She may used Primary Sources to give them info.
What problems might you have with a Primary Source?
- might be biased
- may be in an ancient language
- might be difficult to read
-might not have seen everything
What problems might you have with a Secondry Source?
- may only have selected sources which fit their theory
- may select innacurate sources
- may missunderstand things
When using Sources, what should you do?
- always compare the different sources
- refer to them as much as possible
Which 3 terms do we use to check whether a source is reliable or not?
- Cross Reference
- Provenance
- Content
Why did Harold Godwinson think he should be king?
- his family were powerful in England
- He is the only English heir
- he was the brother-in-law of Edward
Who won the Batle of Hastings?
William of Normandy?