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first VP, signed DoI, his wife wrote many letters, became Pres
John Adams
signed DoI and AoC; anti-Federalist, started Sons of Liberty, organized Boston Tea Party and Committees of Correspondence
Samuel Adams
found uses for peanuts, peacons, and peanut butter, ex-slave, known for agriculture
George Washington Carver
Bosnian peacekeeping , impeached
William J. "Bill" Clinton
invented formula for photopaper (poloroid)
George Eastman
Korean War ended during his presidency, first military president in 21st century
Dwight D. Eisenhower
signed DoI & Constiution and AOC, inventor, started fire depts, libraries, and discovered electricity
Benjamin Franklin
always interested in computers, founded Microsoft
Bill Gates
invented disposable razor
King C. Gillette
invented helium neon lasor
Gordon Gould
signed Constitution; Federalist, wrote Federalist papers, on $10
Alexander Hamilton
3rd president, wrote DoI
Thomas Jefferson
founded "Apple" and "Pixar"
Steve Job
Vietnam War escalation, medicare
Lyndon Johnson
peace corps started, starts Apollo project, Cuban Missle Crisis, youngest elected President
John F. Kennedy
founder of McDonalds
Ray Kroc
signed Const, BoR, father of the Constitution, federalist, thought up Virginia Plan, co-wrote Federalist Papers, later became Pres
James Madison
invented basketball
James Naismith
Watergate, opened US relations with China, Vietnamization
Richard Nixon
built atomic bomb, physist, "Manhatton Project"
Robert Oppenheimer
Iran Contra Scandal, tax cuts plus more spending, appoints first female supreme court justice: Sandra Day O'Connor
Ronald W Reagan
started mail order service/catalogues
Richard Sears
Proposed Conneticut Comprpomise/Great Compromise, created bicameral system: House of Rep and Senate
Roger Sherman
overnight shipping; FedEx
Fred Smith
real estate
Donald Trump
clay animation, gumbi
Will Vinton