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____ became the king of England in 1066
William the conqueror
William of _____ was a descendent of the ______.
Normandy, Vikings
At the Battle of _____, the Normans defeated the Saxon King Harold.
Tell me 2 facts about the Domesday Book.
1. given to us by King William
2. census book used for taxing purposes
The royal _____, or treasury, collected taxes for the King.
King ____ helped to create the jury system in England.
Henry 2
King ____ tried to limit the power of the Church.
Henry 2
Tell me 2 facts about Thomas Becket.
1. he was a saint
2. he was the archbishop of Canterbury.
King ____, in 1215, was forced to sign the _____.
John, Magna Carta
The ____ and ____ made up the Great Council which tried to limit the power of King John.
lords, clergy
The English Great Council became ______ during the 1200s.
What are the two houses of the ENglish parliament?
House of Lords, House of Commons
Who was the 1st King of France?
Hugh Capet.
King ____ of France brought Normandy back into French hands.
Phillip 2
King____ was made a Catholic saint by the pope.
Louis IX
What 3 groups make up the French Estates General?
clergy, nobles, townspeople
In what ways was the English Parliament stronger than the French Estates-General?
The English Parliament had the right to tax.
______, an early middle ages King had united France and Germany.
The Treaty of Verdun had divided ____empire.
the Holy Roman Empire
The _____Emperor was the title that German kings took because of their closeness to the church.
Holy Roman
The appointment of ___caused a problem between the Church andkings. Both sides though they should have this power
_____is the punishment a Pope can give to a person who doesn't obey him.
The _____settled the problme of lay investiture by giving the Church the right to appoint new bishops.
Concordat of Worms
Pope_____ greatly increased the power of the Church.
Innocent III
The kings of ____and____ were gaining power and were beginning to challenge the power of the pope.
France and England
Muslim ___ and ___spread goods and ideas throughout the known world.
traders and scholoars
the___empire studied Greek and Roman writings.
_____ws the capital city of the Byzantine Empire.
Who called for a Crusade against the Turks?
Pope Urban II
List 3 things that motivated the crusaders. get out of jail
2 "ticket to heaven"
3. Not having to pay taxes
_____was a great Muslim military leader.
Salah al-Din
The Crusades left behind a legacy of ______hatred
List 5 positive effects of the Crusades.
1. pwoer of the church declined 2. increased trade 3. introduced fabrics, spices 4. expanded european horizons 5.growth of a money economy
Spain was influenced by the ____ even though they were trying to expel them from Spain.
____and___were King and Queen who united Spain.
Ferdinand and Isabella
The ___and ____were expelled from Spain by Queen Isabella.
Jews and Muslims
The ____ is the split between the Roman and Byzantine Churches.
____, _____, and ____ were the first 3 countries to have universities
Italy, France, and England
Students studied ___ years before they earned their university degree.
The ____ and _____ helped spread learning in the Middle Ages.
Muslim scholars, Jewish Scholars
The ancient civilization of ___ was used by Middle Ages scientist and scholars in studying.
___was the language of the scholars and Church.
_____ or everday languages began to appear in Middle Ages writings.
____ are long narrative peoms about warriors and Kings.
Dante wrote the ____
Divine Comedy
Chaucer wrote ____
Canterbury Tales
Why do you think Gothic churches are sometimes referred to as "Bibles in Stone"
1. Sculptors did scnees from the bible and other religious themes. 2.stained glass windows told stories.
How was the Bubonic Plague spread?
Fleas on rats
unsanitary conditions
Some peopel saw the plague as ____punishment.
John Wyclife said the ___, not the Church, ws that source of all Christian truth.
___, a follower or Wyclife, was ____for preaching ideas different than those of the Church.
Hus, prosecuted
___and____ fought the Hundred Year's War.
England and France
____was a French hero in the Hundred Years War.
Joan of Arc
the ____ was the weapon that helped France win victories.
___and____ were doomed to disappear because of new weapons like cannons and longbows.
castles and knights
___was the country that had cities that were shipping centers.
In which country, England or France, did the dream of a continental empire end?