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What was king ferdinand and queen Isabella's first step in order to claim all the international lands that Columbus had discovered?
Ask for the support of the pope whose judgements were held to be binding by most European Spaniards
Which pope was ruling at that time?
Pope Alexander VI who was a spaniard by birth
Into how many zones did he divide the world outside Europe?
2 zones, one each side of a line ran 100 leagues(640 kilometres) west of Azores
All lands discovered in the western zone were to belong to who?
All lands discovered in the eastern zone were to belong to who?
Which country objected the division and what did they do?
Portugal and they refused to recognise spanish claims to the New world
What did the pope have to do in order for Portugal to agree?
move the line to 370 leagues(about 2400 kilometres) west of azores
The new dividing line was written into what?
Treaty of Tordesillas which the 2 countries signed in 1494
Who was the deputy governor of Hispaniola adn conquerer of Cuba?
Diego Velasquez
which town did Diego Valesquez find on the island of cuba?
Santiago and it was to be the new base for exploration in the New World
who was Diego's secretary?
hernan cortes
in what year did Hernan slip away taking the 600 best fighting men on cuba, most of the island's stokc of weapons and eleven ships
What was the capital of the aztec empire?
In what year was hernan cortes made governor of Mexico?
Around what time were the gold and silver of Hispaniola and Cuba worn out?
Which island town was the Spanish headquarters in the caribbeanand by far the largest island town , with Spanish government officials, merchants and craftsmen who supplied the ships and their passengers?
Santo Domingo
How did Havana become more important than Santiago and replaced it as the capital of Cuba?
because it was used by ships on their way to mexico and because it lay on this route it soon became more important than santiago
In what year were there only 200 spanish land-owning families on the island of cuba?