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3 isms used to analyze the middle ages
manoralism-economic monasticism-socialism
what was a cause that led to the middle ages
fall of rome in the west
causes of the fall of rome in the west
germanic invaders
collapse of trade and economy
lack of patriotism for the empire
western part of empire weaker than eastern part
conditions of early middle ages after rome abandoned it
became rural
lost latin as unifying language
lost literacy
complete lack of trade
all money was taked from western europe
clovis is significant as one of the earls franks(germanic tribe)b/c
was the first powerful german king to convert himself and all of the ppl to catholocism
who is responsible for most of the early monastic rules in europe?
st benedict
what is significant about cluny france in early mid ages
hom of first monastary created by st benedict-300 to be created in next 100 years
why did the first crusades occur
alexius(the byzantine emporer)asked the western pope(urban 2)to help him defend the muslim empire against growing muslim threat
why did urban 2 agree to send knights from west europe to help the eastern christian byzantine empire
wanted to stop all of local fighting btwn kings and princes, wanted to access all of wealth thought to be in holy land
decentralized system of govt which lords give land to vassals in return for fealty(loyalty), taxes, and military
why did free peasents sell themselves to serfdom
in return formilitary protection from bandits and invadors (vikings, huns/magyrs)