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Give one difference between the weapons of the Tainos and that of the Kalinagoes
The weapons of the Tainos were simple while the weapons of the Kalinagoes were advanced(deadly)
Give 3 weapons used by the Kalinagoes
bows, arrows and clubs
What gave the Kalinagoes a distinct advantage over the Tainos?
their arrow heads were poisoned
All tools of the Tainos and Kalinagoes were made of what?
wood, stone, bones and shell
The Tainos were better at doing what?
weaving baskets
What kind of agriculture was carried out by both the Tainos and Kalinagoes?
slash and burn agriculture
Which food was feared by the Kalinagoes?
turtles nad manatees
Which food was feared by Tainos?
mammy apples
Give 4 crops grown by the both groups
maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, chili
What was the only domestic animal known to both groups?
a small dog which was fattened on maize meal then eaten as a great delicacy
What is the name of the fish with suction cups on the back of its head which it uses to cling to larger fish
the remora
What could the Taino canoe hold?
70 to 80 people or a tonne of trading goods
The Kalinagoes war canoes were called?
Give 5 things that the Tainos traded
cloth, tools, weapons, furniture and tobacco
What did the Tainos and Kalinagoes use to keep off insects and rain
clay and grease
What were the Tainos houses made of?
they were round with steep thatched roofs
What were the Kalinagoes houses made of?
woven thatch reaching almost to the gorund looking like large bee hives
THe Tainos Gods were represented by what?
What did the Tainos believe about death?
that it was something to look forward to
What did teh Kalonagoes beleive about death?
it was a journey to either heaven or hell
What did the Tainos and Kalinagoes do every few years?
move to fresh garden plots
What were the jobs of the girls?
plant the crops, do teh cooking, make the hammocks and weave cotton
What did the men do?
clear the fields, make the houses,
What were The Caciques of the Tainos looked on as?
the fahter of all the people
What happened to a cacique if he became sick or injured so that he could no longer carry out his duties?
he was strangled and replaced by his eldest son
What happened if there was no son?
his sister's eldest male child beacame a cacique
What did they do as a final mark of respect for the cacique when he died?
they buried him with his most valuable articles and a few favourite wives
In a large village or clan the cacique was helped by who?
a number of nobles or nitayanos
The village commander of the Tainos was called the what?
WHat is a carbet?
a meeting house where only warriors were allowed
What was the religion of the indigenous Amerindians?
a mixture of nature worship, ancestor worship and protective magic
The Tainos believed that their land had been created by who?
a male sky-god and a female earth-goddess
Each of the nature gods were represented by a what?
Tainos believed that trees, rivers and roscks were the homes of what?
evil spirits
What did they do to protect themselves?
they wore amulets, painted their bodies with sacred designs and took specially prepared medicines
What is the arawak word for powdered tobacco?
coyiaba which also meant prayer
Which group believed that the soul left the body after dath and wandered for a while at night feeding on mammy apples
The evil god of the Kalinagoes was called what?