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3/5 comprimise
agreement of delegates to the constitution that 3/5 of the slaves in any state were to be counted in its poulation
Bill of Rights
first 10 ammendments of the constitution
Great Comprimise
roger sherman's plan at the constitutional convention for two-house legislature, settled differences between large and small states.
upper house of congress. each state is represented by two.
House of Representitives
lower house of congress. each state is represented according to its population
virginia plan
called for a strong national gov't, with 3 branches. two-house legislature, seat in both rewarded by poulation
new jersey plan
three branches of gov't, on-house legislature, only one vote per state
james madison
one of the youngest delegates of the constitional convention
john lock
ideas drew up sonstituion: naturaul rights to life, property, and liberty. 2=gov't is agreement between ruler adn the ruled
created "seperation of powers" his idea to split up gov't