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List the first 3 groups of people to set foot in America
* Italians
* Northern Asia
* Vikings
What are the 7 societies?
* Southwest
* The Great Basin
* The Far North
* The Northwest
* The Great Plains
* The Southeast
* The Easternwoodlands
The difference between an archeologist and arthopologist?
Archeologist * Studies odjects
Arthopologist * Studies desedents
A group of people living in specific geographic area who share a common society
Values and behavior, patterns held in common by a society
You surroundings
Ex: Climate
* They used sun-baked bricks called adobe to build their homes
* They called them pueblos which means "towns"
* They were farmers who raised the "three sisters", corn, beans, and squash.
The Great Basin
* Tribes were very small
* They gathered seeds
* They hunted small animals(rabbits and snakes)
The Far North
* They hunted seals, walruses, and whales
* They lives in igloos of icea and snow
* They fished for samon in the summer time
The Northwest
* They fished in the coastal waters
* They used wood for homes
* they built magnificant totem poles
The Great Planes
* They hunted bison and waisted NOTHING
* They lived in Tepees
* The bison was a big part of their religion
The Southeast
* They were called "Mountain Builders"
* They believed in trade
The Eastern Woodlands
* They were made up of five tribes called the Five Nations
* They were confederation called the Iroquios
* They were hunters and farmers
* Women played a big role in descision making