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progressive era
characteried by two things
1. Optimism
2. Improvement-mindedness
three things that characterized period
1. urban growth
2. corportate consolidation
3. soaring immigration
an array of reforms
1. social justice
2. government reforms
3. efforts to curb immorality
4. attempts to restrict immigration
5. efforts to establish social controls
main strengths of progessivism
protestant middle-class people
term applied to progressivism
problems progressivism focused on
1. child labor
2. industrial safety
3. corporate regulations
4. trust busting
5. personal behavior and morality
6. campaigned against gambling
7. favored 18th amendment
8. limiting or excluding immigrants
9. considered eugenics movement
three progressive presidents
1. theodore roosevelt
2. william howard taft
3. woodrow wilson
best example of progressivism
theodore roosevelt
early ccrises in area of presidential power
1. Louisiana purchace
2. nullification crisis under andrew jackson
3. the bank war under jackson
4. secession under james buchanan
abraham lincoln
a leader of uexpected ability and greatness
example of lincolns work and role in leadership
the emancipation poroclamation (1863)
first truly modern president
theodore roosevelt
U.S. actions in ww1 and after reflected
1. a determined world presence
2. an emphasis on democracy
3. a focus on capitalistic enterprise
US initial response to ww1
broad based reform movement that gave government help in solving problems in american life
the shame of the cities
written in 1904 by lincolns steffens
frederick w taylor
father of scientific managment, author
upton sinclair
wrote the Jungle, active socialist
election of 1912
1. wilson
2. roosevelt
3. taff

wilson wins
woodrow wilson
28th president
the federal reserve act
helped establish a more effective suppervision of banking in the united states
presidential election of 1916
1. wilson
2. hughes
3. benson

wilson wins again
zimmerman telegram
form of german security to govern ministers in mexico
fourteen points
wilsons 1918 plan for peace after ww1. it failed
group at isalationalist us senators who fought ratification of the tready of veralles because of their opposition to american membership in the league of nations
group of us senators led by majority leader henry cavot lodge who would only agree to ratification of treaty of versalles
great migration
over 400,000 blacks began northward during the war years
19th admendment
endorsed state action for womens suffrage
volstead act
intoxicating all beverages containing more than .05% alchol
main street
lewis novel that portrayed the stifling mean cramped life of a prarie town
sinclair lewis
author in 1920's who had an active role for the old fashioned small town values
governments ways of trying to channel a zeal for moral righteosness by taking away alcholic beverages
al smith
deorcratic nominee in the search for real life and the doomed
ernest hemingway
author in the 1920s who depicted the frentic hard drinking lifestyle and the cult of athletic masculinity
the waste land
eliots novel which depicted post war disullusionment, melencholy and its suggestion of a burned out civilization
t.s eliot
author who in the 1915 first was published no one was too impressed
marcus garvey
spokesman for negro nationalism which exalted blackness, black cultural expression and black exclusiveness
stock market crash
got out of control and it closed more than 9,000 banks and shut down factories and mines