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Tuileries Palace
(Paris, France) 1565 Andre Le Notre – landscape architect
(near Paris, France) 1657-1661
Andre le Notre – landscape
Louis le Vau – architecture
Charles le Brun – interior architecture
Louis XIII Chateau 1624-1626
Andre le Notre gardens 1661-1668 for Louis XIV
Louis le Vau envelope 1668
Charles le Brun and Gabelins factories interior 1671-1681
Expansion 1678 Royal Building Administration directed by J H Mamsart
Hall of Mirrors
Grand Trianon
(near Versailles) 1678
Washington D.C.
1790 Pierre de l’Enfant
Petit Trianon
(near Versailles) 1760 AJ Gabriel
Marie Antoinette’s village
(near Versailles) 1770’s
JF Blandel’s School
(Paris, France) 1743
Hotel Soubise Salon
(Paris France) 1735 G. Boffrand
Scloss Nymphenburg
(near Munich, Germany) 1734-1740 Amalienburg pavilion F Cuvilliers
Wurzburg Palace
(Wurzburg, Germany) 1720’s-1740’s JB Newman
(near Bamburg, Germany) 1745-1772 JB Newman
(near Moscow) 16th rebuilt 1667
St Basil the Blessed
(Red Square) (Moscow) late 17th c for Ivan IV (“the terrible”)
(St. Petersburg) 1740’s-1760’s BF Rostrelli
Catherine Palace
(St. Petersburg) 1740’s-1760’s BF Rostrelli
Winter Palace
(St. Petersburg) 1740’s-1760’s BF Rostrelli
(workers clubs) (Russia) 1927-1929
(monument to third international) (Moscow, Russia) 1920
Banqueting house Whitehall
(London, England) 1620’s for James I Inigo Jones
New Whitehall plan
(London, England) 1634 for Charles II Inigo Jones
St Pauls and Covent Garden
(London, England) 1631 for Duke of Bedford Inigo Jones
St Pauls Cathedral renovations
(London, England) 1650 Inigo Jones
Plan for London
(London, England) 1666 Dr Christopher Wren
St Pauls Cathedral
(London, England) 1675-1709 Dr Christopher Wren
St Stephen Walbrook
(London, England) 1672 Dr Christopher Wren
Chelsea Hospital
(London, England) 1680’s Dr Christopher Wren
Trinity College Library
Cambridge (London, England) 1690’s Dr Christopher Wren
(London, England) 1744-1761 owner and landscape architect – Henry Hoare
Kew Gardens
(London, England) 1760’s William Chambers
Essai sur l’Architecture
1753 Abbe M Laugier
Carceri engraving
1745 GB Piranesi
Campus Martius
GB Piranesi
Project for a National Library
(Paris, France) 1788 E Boullee
Project for a Cenotaph for Newton
(Paris, France) 1784 E Boullee
Saltworks at Chaux, Arc-et-Senans
(France) 1775-1779 CN LeDoux
50 Barrieres/ Propylees
(Paris, France) 1784-1789 CN LeDoux
Barriere de la Villette
(Paris, France)1784-1789 CN LeDoux