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Name the 3 branches of the state goverment
Judicial, Legislative, Executive
What does the Judicial branch do? The Legislative branch do? The Executive branch do?
Judicial - Interpretits the law (judges, appointed by president)
Legislative - Makes the law. Bicameral (congress, 2 houses)
Executive - Enforces the law. (president)
Is there anythign about political parties in the Constitution
What were the first 10 ammendments called?
The Bill of Rights
The first ammendment talks about the 5 basic freedoms...what are they? And Who said you cannot yell fire in a movie theater?
Speech, Press, Religion, Petition, Assembly.

And Oliver Wendel Homes
Whats expost facto?
Cannot hold someone responsible for breaking a law that wasnt a law then.
What are the seven basic topics of the constitution?
popular soveriegnty, republicanism, federalism, checks and balances, limited goverment, individual rights
What is popular soveriegnty?
The people want the power instead of a tyrant
What is limited goverment?
Everyone had limited power, so that no one is above the law. So they divide the power between the goverment and people.
What are checks and balances?
People can balance the power. If congress passes a law, the president can either check it or veto it. But congress can override the president if 2/3 of both houses vote for it. And the supreme court can take a law and throw it out
Whats federalism and republicanism?
Federalism is that the states get certain powers and the federal goverment gets certain power. and republicanism is when we elect a representative for us
What is due process, what can the goverment not deny you, and what must you know or have?
A right to a day in court and everythign that goes with it. The goverment cannot deny your life, liberty, or property without due process. Have to be told what you are being charged with, if there is any evidence against you, who the witnesses are, must have a lawyer.
What is Double Jeopardy?
Cannot be tried for the same exact crime.
What is emident domain?
You cannot take someones property unless its for public good and IFFFFF you give a resonable price for it.
What is habeas corpus?
Cannot hold your body without charging you with a crime fro a certain amount of time.