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What did the neolithic revolution result in?
The establisment fo villages and government.
What does "Geograpy sets the stage for history" mean?
Geography influences historical events.
What is the meaning of " Those who do not preserve the past are condemned" mean?
History should be used to make good choices about the present and the future.
Prehistoric man's accomplishments include?
Making fire
Domestication of plants and animals
Society must do what before towns and cities can devolope?
establish an agricultural surplus
Food-gathering societies tended to have what?
Small populations
What were the first metal wepons made from?
What does the study of history indicate?
That most of today's events have roots in the past
Why where Paleolithic peoples nomads?
Because they had to follow animal migrations and vegetation cycles
An oral historical recotd is a what?
Spoken eye-witness account
What was the Prehistoric mans advatage over animals?
His abiltity to think and use his hands freely.
What is Anthropology?
The study of human life and culture