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what abolished serfdom in russia
emancipation edict of 1861
wat did the emancipation edict of 1861 allow serfs to do
aquire land & marry whoever they chose
experiment in representative government
what levied taxes and build roads and schools
wat happened as a result of the legal system being reformed
equality under the law was established
when was czar alexander II assasinated
who becomes czar when alexander dies
his son czar alexander III
What happens because of Alexander III
he ends reforms n brings back the repression
what are violent attacks against Jewish communities
what was war between Russia and Japan
Russo Japanese War
who loses the Russo-Japanese War
demonstraters marched peacefully to the czars palace
bloody sunday
who was bloody sunday led by
father george gapon
Who ceized the march as a threat to his power
czar nicholas II
how many ppl are killed when nicholas II orders troops to fire into ground
aw a result of ppl being killed what happens
riots breakout thruout russia
national assembly- no real power
duma was created by whom
czar nicholas II
who centralized an autocratic governemnt to the Austrian Empire
the Hapsburg Empire
When did the Hapsburg centralize an autocratic government
after revolutions of 1848
Who issues the October diploma
emperor francis joseph
who wants to create a federation in the empire
emperor francis joseph
who rejected a confederation in the empire
the magyars
what created a dual monarchy called Austria-HUngary
comprimise of 1867
did the comprimise satistfy every1 in the empire
how does Austria-HUngary get divided
austrian empire and kingdom of hungary
how does Austria-HUngary get divided
austrian empire and kingdom of hungary