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What unites Germany
Blood and Iron
Germany fights how many wars before its unified
A war with Denmark
The Danish War
Austria is put in charge of what?
Prussia gets control of ??
Prussia beats Austria easily in wat war
Austro Prussian War
What decided who would be in charge of Germany
the war
who was in charge of germany after the war
Bismarck provokes a war with France
Franco-Prussian War
What starts with the dispute oeer the thrown of Spain
Franco-Prussian War
What was the telegram that informed Bismarck of what happened between France and Spain
The Ems Dispatch
Bismarck rewrite the telegram so that it appears __________insults _____
Spain France
France declares war on ___
Who defeats France and as a result what happens
Prussia; second french emipre collapses
WHo gains control of Alsace Lorraine
What is declared January 18
The Second Reich
Where is the ceremony for the second reich held
emperor of germany
kaiser William I
treaty that ends franco prussian war
treaty of frankfurt
how much is france forced to pay germany
one billion dollars