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The Constitutional Convention took place in _______
_____ delegates from all states attended the Constitutional Convention
Which state did not attend the Constitutional Convention
Rhode Island
Who was known as the "father of the constitution"
James Madison
This suggested that reprisentation in the new legislature should be based on population
Virginia Plan
This said that all states should have equal reprisentation no matter what the size
New Jersey Plan
The Great Compromise was also known as the
Connecticut Compromise
The Great Compromise split up into two houses which where
the house of reprisentatives, and the senate
What was the issue with the North and South
The North said that they couldn't count the slaves as part of population because they were treated as property.
What was the 3/5 compromise
Every 3 out of 5 slaves would be considered property
50,000 slaves equal 30,000 people.
30,000 people equal one reprisentative
Article One Section One states
all legislative powers are given to the senate and house of reprisentatives
Who is our current president
George W Bush
Who is our vice president
Dick Cheyney
Ted Stevens
President of Senate
How many presidents of the united states have been impeached
Which 2 presidents have been impeached
Andrew Johnson, Clinton
What does impeached mean
Accused and must go to trial