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in western Africa
*it was an independent nation in Africa.
*Its name comes from the Latin word for free.
Frederick Dougless
the best known black leader
*fled north to Massachutts.
William Lloyd Garrison
the most outspoken white abolitionist
Angelina Grimke
came with her sister Sarah from a slave-owning family in South Carolina.
*They hated slavery and moved north to work for abolition.
* because they were putspoken they inspired other women.
Sojourner Truth
Born into slavery in NY state she ran away and was a spellbinding speaker inspired women to speak up.
Lucretia Mott
traveled to London in 1840 for World Antislavery Convention
*was a Quaker minister & mother of 5 children.
Seneca Falls Convention
in 1848 convention met in Seneca Falls, NY leaders of the women's rights movement voted on a plan of action.
Dorothea Dix
a Massachusetts schoolteacher, was invited to read to prisoners in the local jail.
After that she decided to take action.
Horace Mann
led the fight for public schools in Masssachusetts.
*in 1837 Mann was puti in change of education in the state.
Washington Irving
was the 1st American writer to become well known in Europe as well as America
*a New Yorker, published his 1st works in 1820s.
William Wells Brown
in 1853 he published a novel about slave life in America.
* was the 1st black to earnhis living as a writer.
Walt Whitman
probably read more often today than any other.
*published only 1 book of poems but added more to it.
Margaret Fuller
a friend of Emerson's, wrote Woman in the Ninteenth Century
Benjamin West
was a portrait painter in Philadelphia in his youth.
* became famous for his historical paintings.
Hudson River School
The first group of artists to do so belonged to this school