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indians die after contact with euro
taming what animal
after english civil war colonies viewed as
source of raw material
mercantilists believed to become wealthy
gold and silver
southern colonies economy based on
many settlers enslaving africans not acceptable because
not christians
revival of religious feeling in 1700's
great awakening
french and british wanted ohio river valley resulting in
french and indian war
colonists protested stamp act by
refusing to buy brit goods
articles of confederation gave all following powers
declare war, raise armies, sign treaties
great compromise house of representatives according to
3/5 compromise
five slaves count as three free
amending constitution requires proposal and
american victory saratoga turning point
french committ troops to cause
south didn't want to abolish slavery because they relied on it to
sustain economy
last amendment in bill of rights says
any power not given to fed govt is reserved for states
real issue of constitution was whether national govt or ____ would be supreme
paper notes repay money
shoshone lewis and clark
us. gained lousiana
buying from france
francis scott key wrote star spangled banner after
fort mchenry
steam boat improvemnet over barges
travel upstream
food canning important
prevent spoilage
missouri compromise
missouri as slave and maine as free
manifest destiny
coast to coast
cotton gin
removes seeds
missouris request to enter union as slave state created
upset of balance
according to an accepted amendment to the miss compromise, slavery could not expand in this territory north of missouris southern border.
treaty of fort laramie u.s. told native amer that certain territories would
last forever
lincoln wanted to prevent maryland from seceding because if it did d.c. would be
surrounded by confederates
in inaugural speech lincoln said
would not interfere with slavery where it already existed
underground railroad
harriet tubman
john browns raid
plotted to murder slaveholders
after passage of kansas nebraska act, mmany northerners headed to kansas to
create an anti slavery majority