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james g. birney
freed slaves and ran for president in 1840 and 1844. candidate of the liberty party
frederick douglas
a former slave, douglass was a good speaker, a giant int he struggle, he remained a key figure of abolition for 30 yrs
harriet tubman
the black moses, she retured time and time again 2 bring her peole outta slavery
david walker
called for violence, if necessary, unusual in his willingness to accept violence
harriet beecher stowe
-labored 4 yrs for the slave abolition when it was a small sect
-she wrote, uncle tom's cabin in 1854
-w/ this work, the abolitionists had effectively altered the way the country viewed slavery
slavery's support
slavery was supported by the church in the south and by many churces in north, the aolitionists in the early yers were all religious
manifest dest.
the belief that amers had a mission and a duty to settle the west
urge to expand
2 groups wanted expansion. northern nationalists who wanted to make greater and southern slave owners who wanted to expand slaver and the number of slave states
areas affected
-N.MexTerritory:controlled by the Mex. and would ultimately compromise the states of UT,AZ,CA,NV,NM
-Oreg.Territory: would later become the states of Washington and Oreg.
setteling oreg.
oreg.territ.:americans began going 2 oreg, in large #'s over the oreg. trail, which started in independence, missouri.settlement began in 1840 after being enticed by tales of the mountain men and US missionaries
websters*ashburton treaty
-signed in 1842, this treaty stated that the US and England would jointly control the Oreg. territory which included land in territory
-independence declared:oreg. settlers declare their independence in 1843 and ask for admission into the US. the issue will dominate the 1844 election
the lone star republic-stephen austin
founded tex. w/a deal from mex. austin agreed that 300 us citizens would stelle tex. in exchange for huge tracts of land. these us cits would learn spanish and would pracice the catholic religion and would become part of mex.
growth and slavery
by 1835 tex. had 20000cits and slavery
dispute w/ mex.
mex's leader, santa anna is furious. tex. does not speak spanish, not catholic, and have slaves. end self-goverment
denmark vesey
free black who urged violence. he was hung
nat turner rebellion
virginia 1831 Mystic...thaght to read, eclipse of the sun starts rebellion, 60 slaves killed 16 hung
last debate
VA governor proposes slavery ends
key elemnts to last debate
-supports gradual (versus immediate) emancipation over 10 yrs
-supports compensation
-final vote:40% favor
-the message: if VA will not end it, it will not end
defense of slavery- positive good theory
slavery is good in every way, the south becomes a closed society (4 pillars)
4 pillars
-religious argument
-cultural argument
-racial argument
-sociological argument
Eli Whitney and the cotton gin
1793- ends the debate. slavery is now very profitable
constant fear
slave revolts
controlling slaves
south fearful, determined to end all slavery revolts
-reading treated as a crime
-slave patrols: pass requested to leave plantation
-freed slaves: often had to live in cities
slave family/culture
meaningless because of the disruption caused bye the slave system
majority of whites
did not own slaves but supported slavery
first ablolishionists
southerners and quakers participated in the early effort 2 edn slavery. Amer. colonization society of hte 1820's wanted slaves returned 2 Afr., created Lyberia...the later abolitionist would demand more and would risk rejection, criticism and physical sayfety
willima Lloyd garrison
1st radical abol. wantd slavery ended now, would accept no compromise. his paper, the liberator, was sent to every newspaper in the south, his strong stance copied by others
theodore dwight weld
changing Amer. weld published, slavery as it is, and changed attitudes of thousands. the most effective abol.
angelina and sarah grimke
sisters who inherited their fathers plantation. forced to move north. angelina would eventually marry weld