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Hinduism place and date
1500 BC ; India
Buddhism place and date
580-480 BC ; India
Judaism basic beliefs
monotheistic, strict laws, messiah hasnt come yet, 10 commandments
Buddhism basic beliefs
4 noble truths; 8 fold path
Islam basic beliefs
5 pillars of Islam
Hinduism prophets and gods
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
Islam prophets and gods
Allah; Muhammed, Abramham, Jesus
Hinduism sacred books and writing
4 Vedas : lit, songs, stories, poems
Christianity sacred books and writings
Bible : new testament
Judaism practices
remember sabboth; bar mitzvah; kosher diet; hannukah, yom kippur, roshashanah
Buddhism practices
meditate to reach enlightenment (nirvana)
Islam practices
follow 5 pillars of Islam
Buddhism historical facts
600 BC = Birth of Sdihartha; enlightenment 570; 65 AD Buddhism grew outside so began to spread
Judaism : origin and place
1500 BC ; Israel
Christianity place and date
1st Century AD ; Roman Empire
Islam place and date
578 AD ; Holy Land
Hinudism basic beliefs
polytheistic/monotheistic, reincarnation, 4 objectives and segments, dharma, karma
Christianity basic beliefs
Jesus son of god sent to save believers from their sins
Judaism prophets and gods
G-D; Abramham, moses, iseah
Jesus to some
Buddhism prophets and gods
Buddha = only to some
prophet = Sidhartha Gautama to all
Christianity prophets and gods
God; Jesus
prophet = 12 disciples
Judaism sacred books and writings
Torah - spoken and written; first 5 books of OT
Buddhism sacred books and writings
Islam sacred books and writings
Hinduism practices
use of caste system; festivals for gods, meditation, dont eat meant, ahimsa - belief in nonviolence; respect cow
Christianity practices
attend church, prayer, communion, Christmas, Easter
Judaism historical facts
oldest religion; 1800 Jerusalem built; 1250 Exodus from egypt led by Moses; 1200-1250 10 Commandments written; 1948 Israel est. state; 1969 Gold Meir = prime minister, 1st female
Hinduism historical facts
one of oldest; 1450 = Rig Veda written; 950 Hindu spread across India Peninsula; 78 AD began to number years