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union of several gruops who wrok togheter toward a common politicAL SOCIAL OR ECONOMIC GOAL
when u think it is going
to happen
wagner act
officially National Labor Relations Act (1935), the single most important piece of labour legislation enacted in the United States in the 20th century. It was enacted to eliminate employers' interference with the autonomous organization of workers into unions.

welfare capitalism
help people who didnt have much money, paid vacations, health help......
hawley-smoot tariff
the highest import tax in history
john maynard keynes
if they spend alot of money then it will help out the economy. british economist.
national dept
the amout of money that the USA owes.
public work programs
to find people who didnt have jobs, jobs. they were to help them get money for the familys
the total annual value of goods and services a country produces
dorothea lange
takes pictures
buying on margin
paying a fraction of the price of the stock market.
father divine
the followers of M.J. Divine, a harlem evangelist.
fed the hungry people
eleanor roosevelt
FDR's wife, distant cousin.. helped out the USA in her own ways.