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when you have enough crop to sell
cash crop
The line that would divid the North and South
Mason-Dixion line
when king charls was kicked out and Mary came in
Glorious rebelon
The name of the people the spode grmane adn english
Penn Dutch
most farmers were...
Middle colonies
claver adn hardworking adn made a profet from any deal
A colony under the direction of the english crown
royal colony
slaves not as people but as propurty
slave code
invented bifocals
benjamin frankland
lead 100 settlers out of masattuchsus bay
thomass hooker
founded teh colony of pennsylvania and was a quaker
will penn
when you think that you are better than someone because of the race
The laungue that is african and english
Discussed and voted on many issues.
town meeting
good sent to the country
the people that migrated to machuttus bay
that would work with out weges
a group that thought every one was epual
holy day of rest
Blue dye that you would boil
the law provided reliegos freedom for for all christaions
act toleration
Govenor of massuttchsuts
Jhon Winthrop
claver adn hardworking adn made a profet from any deal
treated all people like equals
not enough money to pay the bills
protedcted teh rights of people and the right to be juged in court
english bill of rights
a list of freedoms teh govoner must protect
bill of rights
Who was the leader of Rode Island
Roger Williams
died befor the battle
Bacon's Rebellion
goods sent out of the contry
A school for all girls
Dame School
the settlas that invented a plan
a group of people who have the power to make laws
who was Kicked out of Rode Island because she said that she had revalations from god
Ann Hitchinson
upper class
holy experament
male chruch members elected representatives to an assembly
General court
large particals of land
plantation that grow tabacco
below the grantry
middle class
work for a master to learn a trade
the govoner of teh New Netherlands
Peter stuyr
the king gave land to on or more people for yeatly payment
proprietary colony
Has three legs and goes from new england to the west indes to teh west africas
The triangular trade
that regulated trade from england from it's colonies

navigation acts
who established the colony of gorgiea for dedters
James Ogleth
New Netherland became new york
new netherland
Discoverd a place (geogia) for debters
Lord Baltimore
willingness to let others practice their own belifs
religious tolerance
In the 1730 adn 1740 there was a religous rebilon
the Great Awakening
to lie about something that would diestroy a persons reputation and it was not true in the paper
the doke of york thought that New York was to big to run esaly so he gave some away and that became
New Jersey
Colonies should benefit the home country