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Why was he not elected president?
B/c he did not have the majority of the electoral votes
List the 3 parts of the Missouri Compromise?
1)Missouri would enter as a slave state
2)Main would join the Union as a free state
3) All lands north, except MO, would be free; South lands would be slave
What position in the House did Henry Clay hold?
Speaker of the House
What nickname was given to Henry Clay?
The Great Compromiser
What was the "Corrupt Bargain?"
Supposed secret bargain that Clay was given the job and then the House choosing Adams as President.
Define American System
Henry Clay's plan for raising tariffs to pay for internal improvements such as better roads and canals.
Which house would choose the president?
House of Reps
In the early 1800's, most Americans moved west looking for__________ and __________.
Land and opportunity
How did he use his influence?
To sway votes of the House of Reps. to vote for Adams
Define Adam-Onis Treaty
Agreement in which Spain gave up all of FL to the U.S.
Which part of the gov't would adding a new slave state affect the balance?
The Senate
What began to grow after the War of 1812?
National Pride
Who wrote the Missouri Compromise?
Henry Clay
Which form of transportation was the quickest, easiest and the cheapest?
Water Transport
What issue still divided the North and the South?
Define Erie Canal
Canal that ran from Albany to Buffalo, NY; completed in 1825.
In what year did Congress past the Missouri Compromise?
It was this and not political parties that influenced the election of 1824.
Sectional differences
Define Rush-Bagot Agreement
Agreement that limited naval power in the Great Lakes to the U.S. and British Canada.
What was the major regional conflict that arose in 1819?
When Congress considered the application of MO to enter the Union
Which section controlled the House of Reps. at this time?
The free states in the North
Define Cumberland Road
First federal road project; conmstruction of which began in 1815; ran from Cumberland, Maryland to present day Wheeling, West Virginia.
What did journalists begin to call this time?
Era of Good Feeling
Who was elected president in 1816?
James Monroe
What was the engineering problem with the building of the Erie Canal? How was it solved?
Much of the land b/t the two cities was hilly. The engineers used locks to solve this.
Define Lock
A section of a canal with large gates at either end; water inside lock can be raised or lowered.
Who were the 4 candidates for President in 1824 and which section did they Represent?
1)John Quincy Adams-Northeast
2)William Crawford-Southern States
3)Henry Clay- West
4)Andrew Jackson-West
Which one received the most popular votes?