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Why are summers in the Great Plains cooler and drier than in other Texas regions?
high elevation
sunken area in a plateau
What is the major economic activity in Midland and Odessa?
the oil industry
Where are all of Texas' true mountains?
Mountains and Basins region
What geographic section makes up most of the eastern boundary of Texas?
Piney Woods
What allows rice to be grown in the Gulf Coast Plain?
level land, high rainfall
What is the largest city in the Mountains and Basins?
El Paso
In Texas, where was the greatest oil field discovered?
The Coastal Plains
factories in Mexico that assemble parts made in the U.S.
Is the Great Plains higher or lower than areas to the east?
The 2nd largest city in Texas
large-scale farming, ranching, and related businesses
Which city in Texas is the leading center for insurance, finance, and manufacturing activities?
Why are trees scarce in the Grand Prarie section?
soil fails to hold moisture for very long
How is El Paso an important center for commercial, cultural, and manufacturing activities?
headquarters for business and shopping to a large part of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.

Hispanic traditions and history influence the culture

Maquiladoras/twin factories
substance made from petroleum or natural gas
largest natural region in Texas
Coastal Plains
flat-topped hill, smaller than a mesa
What is the natural vegetation of the Mountains and Basins region?
desert plants
largest city of the high plains
What activity suits the North Central Plains?
Describe the land features of the Edwards Plateau.
level to gently rolling
What makes the climate mild in the Coastal Plains?
the Gulf of Mexico
feed for livestock