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William Bradford
English Leader of Plymouth Colony
William Penn
English, Real estate, English North America
Jonathon Edwards
Preacher, missionary to the indians
Great Awakening
Religious Revival Trade Protestant Ministers
Act of Toleration
Trinitarian Christians, Maryland Col. Passed it
Sameul Adams
Rep. Massachusetts at Continental Congress
Paul Revere
Patriot in American Revolution
Articles of Confederation
13 States Confederation of Sovereign States
Boston Tea Party
Control Tea Imported, created Tax on Tea
Treaty of Paris
Ended American Rev. War betw. GB and US
Thomas Jefferson
author of Declaration of Independence, 3rd Prez, Virgina Founder
James Madison
4th Prez, "Father of Constitution"
Missiouri Compromise
1820 agreement of Louisanna Territory= No Slaves
Alien & Sediation Act
4 bills, enforce Federal Laws
McCulloch vs. Marlyand
Supreme Court, get rid of 2nd Bank, taxation on notes in maryland
invalidate any federal law
54-40 or flight
1818 US & UK owned Oregon Territory
Harriet Tubman
slave Freeer, 13 trips =70 slaves
Lincoln- Douglas Debate
7 debates, mainly about slavery, and not having legistlature elect senators
Ab Lincoln
Caused Civil War, and elected in 1853
Thomas Jackson
Confederate General, best commander after R. Lee
Bull Run
1861- 1st important battle of civil war