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1. What was the basic concept underlying the spoils system?
-Jackson wanted to punish Adam’s people who attacked him during the campaign.
-people shouldn’t hold gov’t jobs for a long time
What was Jackson's popularity and success primarily the result of?
-he was a great hero and extraordinary person
- people could identify with him.
-man of the people, born in a cabin, average citizen
What was Jackson's attitude toward nullification?
-against it
-if a state could nullify a law, the union did not exist
4. Where were the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, and Seminole forcibly removed from?
Georgia (FL, GA, AL, MI)
During 1835 and 1836, what was a result of the creation of the "pet" banks?
-Farmers kept buying land
-Prices tumbled 30%
-Almost caused depresssion
In his handling of foreign affairs, Jackson often what?
-pushed hard (overbearing) for solution to very small problems
What was the early nineteenth century the American population like?
Population doubled every 22 years
By the 1830s, where did non-agricultural work increasingly take place?
9. What your text labels "the third pillar of the emerging American middle class" (alongside the family and church) which had neither colonial precedents nor European equivalents was?
Voluntary associations (i.e. churches)
Who were the many religious communities that tried to create "backwoods utopias"?
Pilgrims, SHAKERS, Mormons
One of the few advocates of women's rights who did not begin her career in the abolitionist movement and who made a frontal assault on all forms of sexual discrimination in Women in the Nineteenth Century was?
Margaret Fuller
Who was the leading light of New York literature and author of such humorous tales as "Rip Van Winkle"?
Washington Irving
What was one of Hawthorne's greatest works was his grim, but sympathetic analysis of the consequences of adultery?
Scarlet Letter
-Condemn not the woman, but those who judged her
Walt Whitman's book of poems in rambling free verse on commonplace topics in coarse language was?
Leaves of Grass
What painting did the members of the romantic Hudson River school specialize in?
Grandiose pictures of wild landscapes
What were the religious pamphlets and books distributed by the American Tract Society?
-played down denomination differences
-Evangelical Christian
In the controversy leading to the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, what was England's main goal?
-Needed a small part of territory to connect Halifax and Quebec
-Make Canada/Maine border
Before Texas gained its independence in 1836, a major conflict between American settlers in Texas and the Mexican government was?
-Settlers not loyal to Mexico
-Mexico restricted further immigrants
-Did not speak Spanish
-Kept slaves
In 1840, California could be most accurately described as?
-Spanish with very few Anglos
-Sparsely settled
Why did Tyler push through the annexation of Texas as a Joint Resolution of Congress?
Avoid necessity of 2/3 vote in the senate
What was Mexico's main grievance against the United States?
-US bullied Mexico
-Mexico never recognized independence of Texas
-Territory lines
In the election of 1848, what were the supporters of Martin Van Buren nicknamed?
Barnburners (Radicalism)
When Zachary Taylor died, the politician who became president and was instrumental in achieving the Compromise of 1850 was?
Millard Fillmore
On the eve of the Civil War, what percentage of white southern families owned at least one slave?
1 in 4 owned slaves
As a social institution, what was slavery in the United States?
Population growth mirrored whites
What did the development of the rich anthracite coal fields in Pennsylvania allow?
-Could be floated cheaply on canals
-Used to make heat for smelting
- and steam drive machinary
What did most of the industrial workers in the mid-nineteenth century do?
Worked for low wages
Why were the Clipper ships designed by Donald McKay popular?
Speed (twice as fast)
What was the first railroad to begin operating in the United States?
-Baltimore and Ohio railroad
-13 miles long
What was a result of the new fugitive slave law from the Compromise of 1850?
-A commission was set up to declare slaves either free or fugitive
--More commonly a fugitive deal earned commissioner a higher reward
What did the "Young America" movement argue?
Spread democracy
Democracy triumphed everywhere that public opinion was strong
According to your text, "the Henry Clay of his generation," who based his politics on expansion and popular sovereignty was?
Stephen A. Douglas
Northern feelings reached a boiling point on the fugitive slave law with the arrest and return of?
Dred and Harriett Scott
In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Douglas set out to make Lincoln look like a(n)?
-Abolitionists (accused him of favoring racial equality and refusing to abide by Supreme Court rulings.
After secession began in 1860, the proposed constitutional amendment which would have guaranteed the future existence of slavery south of the old Missouri Compromise line was the?
Crittenden Compromise
At the start of the Civil War, Lincoln's Secretary of State, William Seward was?
Ablest and best known of Lincoln appointees
Who were Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, and Benjamin Wade leaders of?
Radicals Faction (Republicans)
Where did the North come to the brink of war with?when it built powerful cruisers and ironclad "rams" for the Confederate Navy.
Great Britain (London)
At what location where were both sides shocked by the staggering casualties sustained?
How did blacks react to the Emancipation Proclamation?
-Stood as a promise of future developments
-They eagerly joined northern alliance to fight south
Grant's victory at __________ led to Lincoln's giving him command of all troops west of the Appalachians.
Vicksburg (MI)
What did Sherman's march through Georgia and the fall of Atlanta in 1864, contribute to?
-Economic (destroy south)
-Physcological, that North would prevail over South
What did President Lincoln's propose as a plan for reconstructing the Union?
To forgive the south rather than punish. Allowed the white southerners to control the reconstruction process.
What were the measures restricted former slaves to working in farming and domestic service?
Money was scarce and capital accumulated slowly. Interest rates were extremely high.
What Amendment to the Constitution broadly defined American citizenship and, according to your text, "reduced the power of all the states."?
What was Thaddeus Stevens a congressional advocate of giving _______ to every adult male ex-slave.
40 acres
The average northerner lost interest in Reconstruction once it became reasonably certain that blacks could do what?
Vote/hold office
Who decided on the disputed electoral votes in the election of 1876?
Congress elected electoral commission,
What are some results of the Compromise of 1877?
Ended reconstruction and inaugurated a new political order in the south
What was one of the worst scandals of Grant's administration?