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Hamril in graying of the revolution said part of the demythelogicialization of the new order was:
realization that they needed material wards instead of ideological motivation
One of the central thesis Hemril advances is that...
Inability to fulfill to the masses
Hemril concludes that...
social revolution is not necessarily a condition of social progress
In Freedom Through Nationalism...African nationalists created nations and also...
Created loyalty and cohesions
Freedom through nationalism - which of the following ppl
Nkrumah, Kenyatta, Nessar
Dictator - Hitler had a gift of all great politicians which was what?
Decieve public without knowing, or find things out quicker than the opponent
Dictator - Hitlers ideas introduced?
Antisemitism or german nationalism
Gorbochev - Author said taht gorbochev was?
reputation was positive despite many failures
Gorbochev - author said there were chinks in his armor which were what?
Nationalities and economics
On Democracy - Democracy is defined by the author as what?
Process of choice and orderly change
Dictorial and autoritarian regimes have not been allowed to isolate themselves becuase?
increase in communication and economic integration
Three times in modern history, an oppressive rule has been replaced with government. These three things were?
American, French, and Latin revolutions
Not westernization but modernization - of the forces that shaped Japan, which is not one that shaped Japan?
Intense feeling for reform
east west of all alone - Japan was located up until end of WWII
Japan wanted to be powerful as Germany
Palestinian article - what kind of force did palestinians use?
Palestinian article - In this article, Archer says?
Whatn the Palestinian Liberation Organization was formed, there was already a state of Israel encompassing much of the original territory of Palestine
Gulf war article - Sudan Hussein would do what?
Attack Israel
Place where allies landed to liberate from Nazi Germany
Hitler claimed this land
State part of Russia, got independence
Europe divided between military occupation zones
West Germany
Created after WWI by Slavic people who wanted independence from Austira
Site of major ally conference near end of WWII
Capital of Poland
Country part of Austrian empire
Scandinavian country originally part of Russian empire, maintained independence
Nazi party born in this city