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Upper Egypt (location)
South Egypt, higher elevation
Lower Egypt (Location)
North Egypt, lower elevation
River, flows from south to north because of elevation, key for trade, Egypt is built around nile
Where the water from Nile meets bigger body of water
Archaic Age
The unification of Egypt, King Menes (Narmer) is first Pharaoh in this time
A way of ruling or government based off religion
Narmer "Menes"
First Pharaoh 3150-? , Ruled in Archaic Period, first pharaoh after the unification of Egypt
Old Kingdom
Memphis is Capitol, "Age of Pyramids", 2700-2200, First tombs looked like ziggurats,
Pharaoh "Cheops", 2589-2566, He built the pyramids right
Khufu built great pyramids, served as tombs for pharaoh,
Stuffed with Natron-Baking soda and salt, canopic jars for organs, wrapped in linen, Preserve body for afterlife
Egyptian form of writing, used pictures
Paper made from smashed and then pressed reeds
Middle Kingdom
2050-1180, religious transformation, The Osirian Myth allowed for all Egyptians to enter the afterlife
Sun God, Major God
Man, god, torn into pieces
Wife of Osiris, puts him back together, mother of Horus
Brother of Osiris, marries Nepthys, Killed by Horus
Father is Osiris, Mother is Nepthys, Sacrifices himself so Horus can live
Son of Osiris and Isis, Kills Seth to avenge father, Took throne of Egypt
Invade Egypt 1640-16570, bring technology of Chariots, bow and arrow, bronze. Control Lower Egypt, Bring rise of Upper Egypt
New Kingdom
1570-1075, Capitol moved to Thebes, Time of the Great Pharaohs
18th Dynasty
Contains the older great pharaohs, rules from 1579-1325
1579-1546, defeats Hyksos, captures Nubian, finds Gold, moves Egypt capitol to Thebes, Valley of Kings, Began Karnak
Thutmosis II
Thutmosis II is Ahmose great grand son, marries Hatshepsut, dies young into his reign
Wife of Thutmosis II, rules after husbands death, child not old enough to rule, increases trade, builds Deir-el-Bahari, 1479-1458
Thutmosis III
1458-1425,Egyptian Napoleon, expands empire
Amenhoptep III
Great Grand Son of Thutmosis III, Marries Queen Tye, builds Luxor temple, 1386-1334
Biggest religious center on the planet, Each Pharaoh left a mark sometimes destroying what others had built
Amenhoptep IV
1350-1334, Changes name to Akhenaten, encourages monotheism-Anet, builds Amana when priests kick him out of Thebes, All religious reformation undone after his death
Wife of Akhenaten, Encourages the religious reformation, commoner but know as very pretty, mother of Tutankhamun
1334-1325, moves capitol back to Thebes, dies young, last of the 18th dynasty
19th dynasty
Most well known rulers of Egypt, Seti and Ramses
Seti I
1291-1278, great ruler but overshadowed by his son Ramses
Ramses II
66 year reign, died when 90, 8 official wives, 90 official children, The Great Builder-Karnak, Luxor, Abu Simbel. Bible says he let Jews go, last great ruler of Egypt
The Rosetta Stone
Has the same text in 3 different languages, the key to decoding most languages, Hieroglyphics, Ancient Greek, Demotic
Invaded in 751 BC after Ramses II
Assyrians Invasion
Invaded 671 BC after Kushites
A Persian King who invaded and took control of Egypt
Alexander the Great
A Greek man who invaded and took control of Egypt
Married Ceaser, died shortly after him