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A very shark like mentality that the rich deserve to be rich because they work hard for it and the poverty is the fault of the poor-
The gospel of wealth
PR of the the late 1890's that tried to propose that powerful buisness men were gentler kinder tyrants
Social Gospel-a sucessful person was obligated to even things
Buisness men of the 1890's
John D. Rockerfeller
Andrew Carnegie ( the steel baron)
Leland Stanford
To have the best and show off the best
Conspicous Consmption
The gospel of wealth
social gospel
conspicous consumption
Leland Stanford
Andrew Carnegie
At the end of the century their was an evident _________.The average annual income income in 1870 was about____________. In 1900 it was___________.
middle class
1900- $ 1164
The average workday from 6, 12 hr days to_________
5 1/2 days and 10 hrs per day.
People consumed about 33 .4 million barrels of beer. 16 gal per person. Women were not allowed to drink in public. Other beverages were not as available or did not care for it.
hard cider,
Hawaiian land and traditions
owned by?
allocated to?
to be worked by?
could commoners own land?
who did they pay their dues to?
Hawaiian monarchy
commoners-they could only work it.
the chiefs
Up to the 1830's
Who could lease land and not purchase it?
How were the leases done?

Verbally --hardley no paper
When did the britich try to put hawaii under their control?
Did they succeed?
Early 1840's

No the threat failed after it was discovered by british parliment.
T or F
After the british attempted to get hawaii the hawaiians tried to give land leasing preferences to the U.S. and france in exchange for some protection.
True-however the plan never materialized
Crown Land
Cheif can sell to commoners and have more power to make leases
Hawaiian concerns
immigrants, missionaries drove the Hawaiians underground, disease by the influx of foreigners, constant attempts by foreniers to colonize Hawaii
In _______ there was a treaty made with United States to import in SUGAR taxes without any additional taxes
The treaty when it came up in _________ was not renewed for several years instead it became a __________.
yearly thing
In 188____ congress deceided that if Hawaii wanted to keep the trade agreement they needed to hand over _________________. It was not a military thing, but helpful for trade with Asia.
Pearl Harbor
Who was the queen of Hawaii?
Did she write a new constitution?
when was she over thrown?
Queen Lili-o-u-kala-ni
Yes in 1983-power,rights culture for her peeps.
Yes mid jan 1893
What's Queen Lilioukalani story?
Pres Harrison did nada.
Grover Cleaveland demanda it be given back to queenie.
They refused
Hawaiian monarch
Queen Lili o u kala ni
Scandolous-she wrote a constitution to help her peeps. culture, rights, power they
over threw her 1893, she appealed to US to reverse the cou. they requested that harrison annex...G. cleaveladnd demaded that they give controll back to the queen. wanted no blood shed...1885
Social gospel
andrew carnigy