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Joesph McCarthy-
Republican senator form wisconsin
dog that went into space
Earl Warrner
1st black to sit on the supreme court
lbj wanted to tackle what two ares
medicial aid education
vocie of NAACP
Thurgood Marshall
european leader who died. who replaced him
stalin , khrushchev
southern manifesto
100 ppl from the congress signed paper saying they would do anyhting to keep schools from being integrated
Brown vs board of education
schools had to be integrated
central intellagence agencies
rosa parks
took a seat in the front row section of the bus she refused to give her seat up to a white man she was arrested
little rock
arkansas first school that tgreid integration
satillete that openede space age
what was the red scare
truman suspected that communists were trying to take over the us
purpose of the RAFS
destroy cities, disorganzie labor destroy morals
leader if egypt-
gamal abdel
robert goddard
anythign could fly high we can fly into space
who were apart of the big 5
us britian france Soviet Union China
Alger Hiss
provided classified documents which had been photographed by comunists, was convicted of perjury
dixicrats presiodential canidate
North atlantic treaty organization, first peactime we had ever joined
House Un-American Activities committe helped with public hearings
LBJ called the horse trader
he would negotiate
LBJ said Americans were the
great society
38th parellel
america liberate where after wwII
divided korea, south korea
steveson promised to attack what 3 area
war poverty tyranny
why did truman dismiss general McCather
insobordination he wanted to take on the china, back home he was treated like a hero
volunteers in service to AMerica peace corp the help provide service to poor people
equal emplyoment opportunity act foight war on pverty job work
Julius and Ethel Rosenburg
jewish whit amercaon passed keyt secerts about he atomic bomb to russia
civil rights act
forbade racial discrimminationin the usse of federal funds punlic places...
LBJ defeated
barry goldwater
Wilderness Act
set aside 9 million acers of national forest
peace corp
voulteers who went to aid people on foregin countries
Ralph Nada
wrote about unsafe automobiles
citizens over 65 were offered this low cost hosputlaization increase in theis social security
the 17th parallel separted n/s vietnam
17th parelle
what advantage did eisenhawer have in the election
he was as war hero
offered federal grants help n eedy beloew ages of 65
topic of the 22nd amendment
limited presisdent to 2 terms
Rachel Carson
disacovered pesticides were bad for the enviromnet
LBJ vp
Malcom X
from jail member of colt hated whits said they were the devil said they should be separated
black slogan
black p ower
german jew who lost his citizenshiop
purpose of the RAFS
destroy cities, disorganzie labor destroy morals
Summmer Freedom Project
Aimed to get blacks to vote
the march form
Selma to montgomery promoted voters to vote
Alfred Noble
founder of the noble peace prize felt bad because he invented dynamite which killed plll so he gave prize to ppl who kept peazce
Dorie Miller
grabbed a machine gun and shoot down several planes
Intercontinential ballistics missiles
when was the berlin wall built
LBJ's credibilty gap
refused to admit there had been a shirt in the is policy gap between what the pres wantede ppl to belioeve and what was credible
How did stalin go against the yalta conference
he said there would be free elections in poland but instead he forced communism
Charlees Drew
develloped the blood banlk
director of the cia
allen dulles
Gulf of Tonkin
2 us destroyers were attacked by n. vietnamease gunboats
South east asia treaty organization
communists viet. leader
ho chi min
grand old party
Bay of Pigs
tried to overthrow castro all got caprutre s and had to pay 50 milion to escape
jek cabinet membera
state, dean rusk, defense- Mcnamara Attorney General- Robert Kennedy
pulizer prize book name
profiles in courage
JFK's vp
Iks's sec. of state
john Dulles
Geroge Marshall
Trumans sec. of state
places that were aided by the mediterranian sea
turkey greece
north vietnamse soilders called
PLessy vs Fergusion
blacks and whites coujld be segragated but they had to be seprated equally
2 problems that faced peactime america after wwII
inflation unemployoment
Cuban Missle crisisq
who meet at the yalta conference
roos stalin church
Alan Shepard
flew 115 miles into the sky
sept 2
V-j day ended wwII
now this is not the end the end
landmark that divied east and west berlin
brandenburg gate
2 problems that faced peactime america after wwII
inflation unemployoment
Marsahll Plan
plan to clean up europe after wwII
Watts is located in
Yuri Gargain
first russin in space
James Meredith
a black kid who coiuld not get into and all white college
Mr. Republican
takin japen after guadcanal
doug McCarther
American Medical Association
Ross Barnett
casue of him not going to college
us spy plane tha flew high
Atomic Energy Commission
truman persuade congress into the
faie deal
freedom riders
blacks and whites from the north and wsouthwho protested segration of busses
June 6 1944 frnace
Taft- Hartley Act
outlawed closed shops
24ht Amendment
who ass. JKF who ass. the,m
lee harvey oss, jack ruby
where and what did kings speech
i have a dream washinton dcat the linclon memorial
Joe McCarthy's take on democracy
"twenty years of treason"
goverener of texas
Jimmy doolitte
lead the u-2s launched from acarrier to attack tokyo
Health Educationa and welfare
dixicrats presiodential canidate
what were war criminals
people who had commited crimews during the war they were put on trial
Erwin Rommel
dessert foxshewrd darin commander know as Afrika corp
442nd reg
japs who fouhtin itlay
exc. order 8802
outlawed any discriminationon the basis or race...
what was the Presidential Succession Act of 1947
changed to order of who would go into office after the president
Rosie Riveteran
inspiration to all workin women to vote
Bernard Montgomerey
lead 8th army to war
George wallace
governerdid not want integration in school
democrats also known as
first commander of NATO