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What is a demarche?
the leader of the people, and a popular leader
When did the Umayyads rule al andelus?
medina is the same thing as ___
what is the norman conquest?
when william the duke of normandy invaded anglo saxon, england. this led to conquests about territory in england and france.
When did the Abbasids rule?
750- 1150
What began Al andelus?
when Berber Muslims came up from northern africa.
Mecca is in the _____ ____.
Arabian Peninsula
what happens if you are excommunicated by the church?
It means that you cant participate in church.
the qibla is the ___ __ ___
direction of prayer
how were the jews treated in the muslim world?
they were persecuted and not openly accepted.
what were the roles of the jews in the muslim world?
to help translate texts and contune the tradition of learning, law, and science.
What did Constantine name the city he founded?
Nea Roma.
What was the capital of Byzantium changed to after Constantine's death?
someone under someone else=
a vassal
Where is eastern orthodox the religion?
Byzantine Empire
who is the god of christianity
father, king, lord
What and when is the Battle of Tour?
a battle between the french christians and the muslims, occured in 732.
What happens in 1054?
Christianity splits to Catholicism and eastern Orthodox.
When was the split between eastern and western europe?
who is the god in islam?
Where was the second temple built? who built it?
Judea, by Herod the King and Solomon.
what is the Hijjra? when is it?
632- the start of the muslim calender, and the flee from medina.
What was the Nika Rivolt? Where did it occur?
When the byzantines revolted against paying taxes to Justinian. It occured in constantine.
Iran is the Land of the ___
Who founded Zoroastrianism?
Zoroaster, aka Zarathustra
What does Ahura Mazda mean?
Wise lord
Who is the god of Judaism?
Who shares a history with Judaism and Christianity?
who was the god of zoroastrianism?
ahura mazda (wise lord)
where was zoroastrianism found?
all religions of the book are ___
What is an interdict? Who issued it?
when you are banned from access to the church. It was issued by the pope.
why was christianity accused of being polytheisitc?
because they have a trinity- father, son, holy spirit. Christians claim that the trinity is one
what did the constitution of medina determine?
the government
When did the Umayyads rule the muslim world?
what is a serf?
a vassal who is a farmer