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Northwest Ordinance of 1787
privided for the gradual development of self-government
Land Ordinance of 1785
divided the Northwest Territory to be divided into townships
seizure of property for nonpayment of debts
Daniel Shays
forced several courts to close down in order to prevent more foreclosures
What was the critical period in American History?
Who were the most famous people at the Constitutional Convention?
George Washington and Benjamin Franklin
Who was the most important member of the Convention?
James Madison
Who was the Father of the Constitution?
James Madison
Who was the youngest delegate at the Constitutional Convention?
Jonathan Dayton
What year did the Constitutional Convention begin?
Where did the Constitutional Convention meet?
Independence Hall
Who proposed the Virginia Plan?
Edmund Randolph
Who proposed the New Jersey Plan?
William Paterson
What is the common name for the upper house?
What is the common name for the lower house?
House of Representatives
What is the Great Compromise?
Connecticut Compromise
What are tariffs?
fees on imported goods
What was the group called who wanted the new Constitution?
What group opposed the Constitution?
Which state was the first to ratify?
Who was the first president?
George Washington
What kind of government does America have?
Democratic Republic
What was the secret to America's success?
Biblical Christianity
Who wrote History of the United States?
Noah Webster
Where were the Amendments added to the Constitution?
What clause was added to ensure that Congress should not be bound in any important matters by mere oversight or omissions in the Constitution?
elastic clause
What were the three branches of government?
legislative, executive, judicial
What are implied powers?
powers not specifically mentioned in the Constitution but implied therein
In what states were state religion strictly enforced?
Massachusetts and Connecticut
In what state was the Anglican church very powerful?
In what state was the Puritan church powerful?
What state set the example for religious freedom?
Rhode Island
Who led the Baptists in their fight for religious freedom?
Isaac Backus
What religious group was the most harassed?
Who was the most influential leader in Virginia that helped with the Bill of Rights?
John Leland
Who published Democracy in America?
Alexis de Tocqueville
What was the year of the Stamp Act Congress?
Who founded Rhode Island?
Roger Williams
Which colonial lawyer spoke against the Ritz of Assistance?
James Otis
What was the first state to ratify the Constitution?
What was the year for the first Continental Congress?
Who was America's Great Awakening preacher?
Jonathan Edwards
What act forced colonists to house soldiers?
quartering act
Who wrote the federalists papers?
Hamilton, Madison, Jay
What year was the treaty of Paris signed?
Who was the Pennsylvania statesman who penned several documents?
Who moved to write the Declaration of Independence?
Richard Henry Lee
What man began the Democrat-Republican party?
Who was the first Secretary of State?
What was the date that Cabot claimed New England for England?
Who was the first postmaster general?
How old do you have to be to be president?
Who helped Jefferson write the Virginia-Kentucky Resolves?
What was the final battle in the War for Independence?
Who won the election of 1800?
What Supreme Court case involved judicial appointments?
Marbury vs. Madison
What man established judicial review? (Who was the chief justice in Marbury vs. Madison?)
John Marshall
Who was the Swamp Fox?
Frances Marion
Who was the Federalist candidate for president in 1796?
John Adams
Who was the first Attorney General?
Edmund Randolf
Who was the Republican Vice President Candidate in 1776 and 1800?
Aaron Burr
Who was the leader of the Baptists in Massachusetts?
Isaac Bacchus
What date did the Constitutional Convention meet?
Who wrote the history of Plymouth Plantation?
What provided for the gradual development of the Northwest Territory?
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Who explored Louisiana?
Lewis and Clark
What man was arrested exploring the southwest territories?
What was the date of the Protestant Reformation?
What former Vice President became involved in a conspiracy?
Aaron Burr
Who was the hero of the Trepolitain War?
Stephen Decatur
What piece of legislation virtually cut all trade with Europe?
Embargo Act
Who won the Battle of Tippecanoe?
Who was the English philosopher that first mentioned the compact theory?
John Locke
Who was the man most responsible for creating the national bank?
Who was known as the Fighting Quaker?
Nathanael Greene
Who was known as the Fighting Gamecock?
Who was the royal governor of the dominion of New England?
Edmund Androse
Who said "The English are the most unfit people in the world to argue another Englishman into slavery"?
Edmund Burke
What nation was the Treaty of Peace?
What was the only successful crusade?