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Emmeline Pankhurst
Suffrage advocate
-developed WSPU
-wanted peaceful negotiations, but ended up fighting b/c peace didn't yield results
Barbra Welter
wrote "Cult of True Womanhood"
Republican Motherhood
women's belief that if they are educated they will do a better job raising patriotic sons
Elizabeth Katie Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Jane Adams
suffragists in USA
Sigmund Freud
neurotic psychologist
-came up with psychoanalysis to treat everyday people
Albert Einstein
Theory of relativity
Marie Curie
Explored with radium and radioactive material--led to e-rays in WWII, made tubes of radon to kill disease
JB Watson
father of behaviorism, wanted to establish puraly experimental science (Furman grad)
Wat of attrition
see which army will last the longest
large blimps used to drop bombs and transport people
Kaiser Wilhelm II
German leader, very aggressive, Grandson of Queen Victoria of England, cousin of Nicolas II or Russia, Nephew of the Prince of Whales
Franz Ferdinand
heir to the Austria-Hungarian throne, wants to give Slavs representation=triple monarchy while keeping Slavs in Austria-Hungary
Gavillo PRincip
member of the "Black hand"
Assassinated Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie
Jean Juares
Averted war for a bit
Disagreed with imperialism
Peaceful vision of change
Had a powers meeting in Bosell Switzerland
Killed by Raule Billian
Nicholas II of Russia and Alexandra
both related to Queen Victoria
Only son Alexis got hemophilia
Central powers
Allied Powers (Triple Entente)
Great Britian
Schlieffen Plan
Germany's plan to march through Belgium,, quickly defeat Paris; sweep doen the east coast; then defeat Russia
Battle of Marne
September 1914
French and British surprise attack Germans
Germany abandonds plan and begins trench warfare
British passenger liner
Sink by German submarines
128 Americans die
Battle of Verdun
WWIs bloodiest battle
Feb-Dec 1916
300,000 die
Battle of Somme River
Late June 1916
British come out of trenches and go on the offensice
Battle lasts 5 months
Heavy losses for the British
Zimmerman Telegram
Sent from German diplomat to Mexico encouraging Mexico to go to war with the USA to regain TX, AR, and NM
Letter intercepted by Great Britain
2nd Battle ofthe Marne
July - August 1918
last German offensive
Summer Peace Conference
Woodrow Wilson (USA) does not want to blame any one power for the war
David Lloyd George (Britain)
Cleuenceau (France)- wants to blame Germany
Treaty of Versailles
Weakens Germany
Holds Germany responsible for the war
Army limited to 100,000 men
No tanks, planes, ships, or submarines
Austria and Germany forbidden to unite
33 billion in reparations
Serious limits of German militarization
League of Nations purpose
settle disputes and promote democracy
Russian Revolution
1904-05=Russo-Japanese War = weak tsarist regime
1905 -Marchers go to the "Winter Palace", soldiers fire upon them, riot and upheaval breaks out
Duma=lower parlimentary body
Nicolas sets law to reduce power of the DUma
February Revolution
Lack of food supply caused riots in the capital, Petrograd
Declaration of Provisional Government
Duma organizes into a government body
Army Chiefs of his tropps force Nicholas II to abdicate the throne
Alexander Kerensky placed in charge of the Duma
Radicals~ disagree with the provisional government
Lenin went to law school and wanted to apply Marxist communist thought in Russia
Petrograd Soviet: set up in March 1917 to rival the Duma
Lenin tries and fails at a coup d'etat of the Duma and is exiled to Germany
October Revolution (Bolshevik Revolution)
Lenin and Trotsky take over the government buildings and do a Coup d'etat
Army joins with them to create the "Soviet union"
Trotsky= Bolshevik revolutionary and Marxist theorist
Petrograd Soviet
the unofficial government in 1917 that rivals the Duma--two parties of this body are the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks
total power, manipulation, propaganda, removal of individual rights, leaders making promises
leaders=charismatic, popular, promote dedication, loyalty and obediance
Totalitarian dictators
part of Czechloslovakia that was heavily populated by Germans
Munich Agreement
Britain and France offer the Sudetenland to Hitler along with thousands of Czechs
German air force~ blitz on London August-October 1940
Anna Freud
studied effect of blitz on British children
Tripartite Pact
Axis Powers-Italy and Germany- come together in 1936--Japand joins in 1939
Battle of Coral Sea
May 1942-USA was able to statemate with Japanese Navy
Battle of Midway
June 1942-USA defeats Japan; destroys 1/3 of Japanese planes~USA goes offensive and forces Japan to retreat
El Alamein
1942-British push Germans/Italians North and out of the northern African area
Erwin Rommel
led El Alamein--called "Desert Fox"
Russians force Germans to go west
Operation Overlord
May 1944-Allies go to Britain
Charles de Gaulle
freedom fighter--general from France, escapes to fight with British--sends radio broadcasts back to France
"Furher Directive"
Hitler calls for Rommel to lead troops and strengthen protection of the French coast
Pas de Calais
PLace in France where the Allies acted as though they were going to attack
Higgins boats
had wheels, failed in rough water and could not reach shore
Battle of Bulge at Bagstone
101st Airborne surrounded by Germans--saved by Patton's 3rd Army
Potsdam Declaration
Told Japan to surrender by July 26th 1945 or face destruction
Enola Gay
dropped the Atom bomb "little boy" on August 6, 1945--"fat man" dropped on Nagasaki
Douglas MacArthur
in charge of Japanese occupation
Nuremberg Laws
served to repress Jews
killing many Jews b.c a Jewish boy in Paris killed a Nazi official
Marshall Plan
George Marshall (Sec. of state) Presents European Economic Recovery Program
Warsaw Pact
Russia and the communist countries
Viet Minh
communists in North
Viet Cong
communists in South
Gulf of Tonkin resolution
allows US to intercede in Vietnam
Operation Rollin Thunder
Curtis LeMay-overseer
US drops 3x bombs in N. Vietnam than all dropped in WWII
Tet offensive
series of offensives by North Vietnamese
My Lai Massacre
Charlie company- told to enter village of My Lai and told all people there after 8am are Viet Kong
William Calley-Platoon Leader-orders men to enter village and kill indiscriminate- find women, children, children, elderly--troops open fire-kill 504 people
Commen learns--US pilot Hugh Thompson lands between US troops and civilians--aim at American soldiers
Colin Powell-oversees the prosecution of those involved in the My Lai Massacre
22 charges-Calley convicted
Bay of Pigs
USA failure in Cuba
Cuman missle crisis
Nuclear warheads shipped to cuba and aimed at USA
Marshall Plan
Presents European Economic recovery program
Only Benefited countries that were not under communism
East and West Germany in Berlin
Warsaw Pact
Russia and the communist countries unite as response to NATO
strategic arms limitation talks
puspose: to cut down on nuclear arsenals
Mikhail Gorbachev
comes to power in russia in 1985
-friends with Reagan
-increased communication with the people
1989: elected in Free elections
less state regulation of the economic
Borin Yeltstin
1991: elected Russian leader