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Ferdinand Magellan
Portuguese explorer
Looking for sea passage to Asia through America
1519 First Voyage
1520 Found narrow waterway to Pacific Sea
Died at hands of natives in the Phillipeans
Known as First to Circumnavigate the World
Vasco da Gamma
Rounded Cape of Good Hope
Stopped of at Muslim merchants on the East coast of Africa
Landed in SW India May 18, 1498
Thought he would find Christians and Spices, only found Spices
Caused Portugal to have monopoly on spices
Christopher Columbus
Italian, but explored for spain
Wanted to sail to Asia going West instead of around Africa
Believed until Death he hit Asia, but it was America
Went to all major Caribbean Islands and mainland Central America
Thomas More
Trained in law, but became proficient in Greek and Latin
Took public career became Lord Chancellor
Known for Utopia- idealistic life
Gave up his life when Europe broke from Catholic Church
Henry VIII
Wanted a divorce from Catherine because he liked Anne, her lady in waiting
Couldn't get anullment because already had one and had to do it from the pope
Did it in Secular court and then he didn't get baby boy
attracted peasans, weavers, etc and those affected by economhy changes
Adult Baptism
Strict democracy
Voluntary to go to church
Complete Seperation of church and state
Oliver Cromwell
A new Model Army Leader
Well trained and well disciplined troops
After winning second phase of the English Civil War, 1648 thre out all Presbyterian parliament members leaving a rump Parliament
Had the King beheaded
Menno Simons
Responsibile for rejuvinating
Dutch Anabaptists
Deadicated Life to peaceful evangilizing, strict descipline
Francis Bacon
Englishman with little Scientific backgroung
Sci Method don't take something as true
Rely on obvservation and experimetn, science to contribute to mechanics and help industry
John Cabot
Venitian Seaman
Explored New England Coast
Under Henry VII
Searched for the NW Passage
Most Influential of Christian Humanist
He also Formulated and Populated it
Wanted simplicity in churches
Philosophy of Christ-- direction in daily life and not just external- sacraments
Justification by Faith
Not saved by good works but by God's grace which is free it is the primary doctorine Bible is Sole guide
No indulgences
Economic theory
Imports greater than exports
Total volume of trade is unchangable and tariff imports
nations prosperity depends on amount of gold and silver
Frederic William
Great Elector
Foundation of Prussian State laid by him
Power came during 30 years war
General War commiserait
Levy taxes for Army
Good Army
Gave nobels any power over peasants if no hand in gov'gt
associated with Calvanism
God has foreknowledge of all events and has prechoosen the elect, or saved