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Who was the famous Hebrew legend known for defeating the Giant Philistine warrior named Goliath?
What is the name of the age of people who moved away from their nomadic ways to more of an agricultural setting?
Who is the famous Egyptian god who weighs your heart against a feather?
Who is the famous Egyptian of mummification?
Who is the famous Egyptian king that is linked to the Hebrew Bible story of the Exodus?
Ramses II
What group of people invented strict schools for their writing styles?
the Sumerians
What group of people found the phases of Venus, created the first zodiac signs, and created the calendar?
the Babylonians
This river is the lifeline for the people in Egypt, providing water, trade, substance, and food.
the Nile
What ancient Indian religion was known for having no attachments to anything, in some cases not even clothes?
What ancient Indian religion practices the Four Noble Truths and Eight Fold Path?
What ancient Indian religion practices yoga as a form of cleansing the mind?
What is the other name for the Indus Valley Civilization?
the Harappan
Who is the great Greek general who entered India on his conquest to expand his empire but had to turn back due to mutinous generals?
Alexander the Great
What is the name of the great Indian leader who took advantage of Selecus, defeated him and then united India?
Chandragupta ("Chad")
What ancient Indian religion introduced the theory of karma and had priests called Brahmans?
Name the mountain range to the North of India that keeps temperatures under control?
the Himalaya Mountains
What ancient Chinese philosophy teaches if you have respect for your government, the government should have respect for you?
What ancient Chinese philosophy teaches that if the government governed under a strict set of laws, the people would respect it?
What ancient Chinese philosophy teaches that you have to free your mind and let it wander, and to have self-respect?
What Chinese religion practices a balance between two things, and that one cannot exist without the other?
Yin & Yang
The rat, ox, and dragon are symbols for what?
the Chinese Zodiac
This dynasty is known for following the Shang Dynasty, and known for breaking up their state into many different territories, which created the conflict known as the Warring States Period.
the Zhou Dynasty
This dynasty is known to follow the fabled Xia Dynasty, and laid the groundwork for the dynasty to come.
the Shang Dynasty
Name the mountain range to the north of Northern China.
the Tibetan Mountains
Who is the Greek god of the Underworld?
Who is the Greek god who presides over Mount Olympus?
Who is the Greek messenger god?
Who is Socrates student who carried on his master's search for truth?
The Mycenaean civilization was probably destroyed by this.
internal dynamics
What are the names of the Greek foot soldiers that had to bring their own equipment with them to fight?
the Hoplites
The culmination of pre-Socratic thought was based on a theory of four different substances, what are they?
earth, air, fire, & water
What city-state led a coalition of forces against Athenian rule during the Peloponnesian War?
Name the Greek city-state that was known for its bad reputation.
Philip II of Macedonia unified Greece when he established this.
the League of Corinth
What is the Hebrew term which refers to the person they thought would rid them of Roman control?
the Messiah
This was one of the most popular types of recreational activity in Rome, and took place in a stadium where thieves could win freedom by fighting.
Gladiatorial Games/Gladiators
According to legend, Rome was founded by these two gentlemen.
Romulus & Remus
Augustus established himself as this, similar to our Presidential title.
This civilization was a main challenge to Roman rule and went to war with Rome in three different Punic Wars.
Pontius Pilate was most concerned with this, other than what Jesus was teaching.
Law & Order
Who is the Carthaginian general who brought the Second Punic War to the gates of Rome?
This famous Roman emperor is known for expanding the borders, becoming the first true emperor, and for his military achievements, but is mostly remembered for his brutal assassination by conspirators.
Julius Caeser
This famous Roman is known as being a friend of Caesar, lover of Cleopatra, and famous military general.
Marc Anthony
This river provides Rome with a constant source of water.
the Tiber
This dynasty is known for unifying China after the Warring States Period.
Qin Dynasty
Who were the nomadic group of warriors who were constantly raiding Northern China and the Silk Road, leading to the development of the Great Wall of China to keep them out?
the Xiongnu (Mongols/Huns)
What is the name of the canal that connects the Yellow and Yangzi rivers?
the Grand Canal
Name this important landmark in China, which was built for defense and is so long that it can be seen from space.
the Great Wall of China (the Great Wall)
This dynasty is known for heavy taxes, expanding China's borders, and its always constant need for funds to maintain its empire.
the Han Dynasty
This dynasty is known for the great book burning, building of the Great Wall of China, and the first Chinese emperor.
the Qin Dynasty
This dynasty is known for the creation of the Grand Canal and for reunifying China after the Age of Division.
the Sui Dynasty
Who is known for having elaborate tomb with a terracotta army guarding it to watch over him in his afterlife?
the Qin Emperor (the FIRST emperor of China)