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de jure segregation
*segregation that exists by law
*Addressed byt he Civil Rights Act of 1968
Civil Rights Act of 1968
*Banned discrimination in housing (renting or selling
*Addressed de jure segregation
Nation of Islam
Also known as the Black Muslims
Stokely Carmichael
Urged SNCC to stop recruting whites and to focus on developing African-American pride
de facto segregation
*segregation that exists by practice and custom, not by law * addressed by the Civil Rights Act of 1968
Kerner Commission
Goal was to study the causes of urban violence
Plessy v. Ferguson
affirmed the legality of racial segregation and prompted the passage of Jim Crow laws
"separate but equal"
A doctrine relating to public education that was overturned by the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education
white racism
According to Kerner Commission ______________ was the MAIN cause of urban violence
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Made segregation illegal regarding public accommodations
Voting Rights Act of 1965
Enabled federal officials to register voters
Black Panthers
*Political party formed to fight against police brutality in the ghetto
*Advocated Black nationalism, Black power and community development
Malcom X
*former minister of the nation of Islam
* preached the message of "ballots or bullets"
Black Power
King objected to the use of this slogan because he believed it provoked violence
What type of pressure was exerted by the Montgomery Improvement Association in response to segregation on buses?
Malcom X, Black Panthers and
Stokely Carmichael were all associated with the ____________
Black Power
Give example of de facto segregation.
A voter getting a literacy test
At sit-in's, students were attempting to "hold on to their places" what did that show?
Unwavering commitment to the goal of equality
Why were Urban Blacks angry according to Stokely Carmichael?
ecause respected black leaders and young black children were victums of white violence, yet black leaders continued using non violent tactics